Anonymous speaks out, time to wake up to the fact Banks are the problem, and they will never have the solution

source: youtube
  • Anonymous speaks out, time to wake up to the fact Banks are the problem, and they will never have the solution
  • We are enduring a form of sophisticated slavery and that has to change
  • New Anonymous video about the modern day debt slavery
  • Anonymous - Message to the Citizens of the World III
  • New Release to wake the Masses
  • Thoughts?

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  • Lolita Barrows Reply

    Can't speak highly enough about Marc Johnson. He speaks about how his life was basically crumbling due to filming this movie [here in his Epicly Later'd]( It basically consumed his life. He has and will always be my favorite skateboarder but this series makes it hard to enjoy the skating fully due to his struggles. Perhaps it shaped that part and made it what it was though at the same time.

  • Conrad Dach Reply

    I don't miss him. He is on my jabber and says hello birdman like everyday. Quiet a nice chap to wake up to in the early morning. How did I extort AlpraKing. Ask him. You are aware I told AK his dox was supposedly floating around... Go ask him yourself... Who doxed the mods. I don't know who buys from me it's anonymous for a reason. I threatened angel??? I like angel we use to talk all the time. Angel is my boo. Only people who threatened people is you and dlay and opiate making claims of things I never said and making accusations. Don't make me get junior_pelican up in this bitch you like him.

  • Ricky Leffler Reply

    You have no idea how angry progressives were in the spring when we the primaries were rigged and the establishment got caught then told us to "fall in line". They are the sole blame, Hillary Clinton lost to the least popular presidential elect of all time, that speaks volumes to the situation. Did you not watch the DNC?

  • Grayson Vandervort Reply

    Oh shit, so what if Peter finds out how to wake himself and others up in cold storage, especially now that the cooling system is broken.....

  • Aurelia Beer Reply

    Peter Dinklage didn't even wake up my guardian.

  • Ibrahim Abbott Reply

    I'm donating a shitload of platelets to some anonymous cancer patient through the Red Cross. Probably a baby or an immune compromised patient since I'm CMV negative. Time for rest and listening to some live music downloads for a couple of hours. Then working on the Carbon bars to make them a little safer than they are apparently right now. Talk about a revolution, a few degrees when you hit a bump, and you wake up right quick. Maybe a quick 10 or 15 miles tomorrow night for this middle aged peddler.

  • Alaina Waters Reply

    the fuck? geezus, this is the first I've heard of this dork there's not enough rage in the world if I wake up Nov 9 and find that Hillary won because of an anonymous breakfast sandwich.

  • Troy Howell Reply

    Even if there is no advantage for banks (and Peter Todd says there are advantages, such as proof of complete transaction sets), it's not bad for Bitcoin to have thousands of engineers required to read the Bitcoin whitepaper.

  • Seth Nolan Reply

    i second duolingo... but you can also listen to music in that language or watch movies in that language with english subtitles. you can find a friend that speaks the language and communicate with them in that language only. you can take a college class. you can move to the country where they speak that language. the best move is practice. practice as much as you can as often as you can. you will learn in no time.

  • Lamont Ruecker Reply

    calvin banks from an outtake, guy at the back is roman todd and they did a scene together for iconmale

  • Emmett Koss Reply

    Dude talks about credibility on an anonymous discussion site famous for cat memes. Get outside, get some fresh air and wake up, kid.

  • Kale Borer Reply

    Parade, Epilogue, Sylvia, Wake , I don't want Love (Peter's Version), Nashua

  • Elmira Johnston Reply

    Since when are spies named? Did you just wake up from a coma to miss the decades where such sources are anonymous but trusted?

  • Raymundo Harvey Reply

    >"Cheated on his taxes," - evidence? Taking a legal deduction is the opposite of cheating. So a single source claiming that Hillary once called someone a mean name is enough to convince you that she hates Jews, but you still have doubts that Trump is a thief? It's a legal deduction which economic elites, like Trump, put in place to their own ends. Legal, but still stealing from the government, and therefore the people. >"stirred up racism and xenophobia" - Well, it's only the Clinton campaign, that hired people to cause violence at Sanders and Trump rallies (see Bob Creamer). And her campaign uses a lot of Russophobia. Bullshit on the violence, and the Russophobia is anti-Russian government, not Russian people, while Trump stirs up anti-Islamic, anti-Mexican, and anti-Black people sentiment at every opportunity to fuel his campaign. >"(at their mistreatment by economic and political elites, including himself and Clinton) " - a regurgitation of Marxist theory. Well as someone originally from Russia, I won't even go into this nonsense. Because everything more economic leftist than you are is Marxist. I might as well call Trump a Fascist, Theocrat, and/or Anarcho-Capitalist (which, by the way, would be closer to true than calling my position Marxist). >"gotten way too in bed with the Russian government" - evidence? The FBI says there is no link. The only person to take payments from the Russian government, has been the Clinton foundation - in exchange for uranium rights, as documented in the NYT. The FBI has no proof of a link, and yet there's plenty of reason to suspect that he's in debt to Russian banks... and even if he's not, he blatantly likes Putin more than any reasonable man in his position should. It's bizarre. He either owes them something, or he's just a dupe. >"election is rigged against" - It is Clinton who is lambasting the FBI, and who refused to say she accepted the result of the 2000 election. What are you talking about? Refused to accept the result of the 2000 election? Bush has come and gone; this is beyond irrelevant. Nothing Clinton said there was remotely similar to what Trump has done. >"who cares if he does? What's wrong with having it in Tel Aviv?" - Are you Jewish? This question is quite baffling. The fact the embassies are not in Jerusalem, is a sign that Jerusalem is still not de facto accepted as our city. (Answering this on a Jewish board is quite strange, and I never thought I would have to explain about Jerusalem to a Jew). Are you Jewish? Most Jews know, I think, that there are plenty of Jews who support a two-state solution. And even if you support Israel having Jerusalem (as I do), it's absurd to get so stressed over such a minor, symbolic gesture when the US is, and has always been, Israel's strongest ally, through Democratic and Republican Presidents. If anything, the Republicans are too conciliatory; Israel has a tendency to cross the line at times, and the US needs to rein them in. >"Roll back gay rights and freedom of choice." Yesterday Trump was holding up an LGBT flag at a rally. He has introduced LGBT acceptance for the first time into the Republican Party. His main backer is Peter Thiel. Trump is pro-gay rights. Oh please. With his rhetoric? I'll believe the majority of what he says on this matter, not his one-off statements. >"and freedom of choice." - you support killing unborn babies at a stage at which they have developed consciousness and can feel pain? Which is what late-stage abortion involves, according to science. Nice strawman. The Christian Dominionists who Trump courts want to ban abortion from conception onwards.. >"Increase persecution of ethnic and religious minorities" - evidence? The only thing which would increase persecution of Jews in the US, is an influx of Muslims. Why do you think Jews are fleeing France now? And what about the other ethnic minorities who Trump fans xenophobia towards? >"Insult our allies. " - Yes because Obama has been so polite to Israel. And what did Neera Tanden say about Israel? - "Israel is depressing". Very polite of them. We can afford to play hardball with Israel; who else can they go to but us? Not so much with Europe. Besides, Obama's criticism of Israel has an actual point; Israel crosses the line too often. Trump is like the Philippine president; he just can't hold back from responding to any slight of his ego. >" failing to effectively counter Russia." You realise that you should be making peace with Russia? No, we should be containing them and rolling back their dangerous influence. We do not want to get in bed with Putin. >"Entrench the rights of corporate elites, to an even greater extent than Clinton will." - now you sound like a Bernie fan, the guy who Podesta emails revealed was completely stitched up by the Clinton campaign (to the extent of giving her the debate questions). I am! And believe me, I hope Clinton winds up in jail... after she crushes Trump. She's bad. Trump is far worse.

  • Reid Braun Reply

    Blah blah blah, who wished to remain anonymous, blah blah blah....WAKE UP YOU FOOLS!!! Not a real news item.

  • Angelina Dibbert Reply

    #ALIENS DID 9/11 As an anonymous Redditor, it means it'strue WAKE UP SHEEPLEZZZZZZ

  • Gerson Donnelly Reply

    Did you wake up in Peter Gallagher's body?

  • Lacy Legros Reply

    "Anonymous claims..." And I'm done. Wake me up if they actually have something.

  • Urban Spencer Reply

    If you watch the videos, i think every time he lies he laughs. Not evil cackle but that nervous laugh your kid does when you ask him like, "did you smoke" and he nods and says no or laughs and says no. Body speaks volumes no matter what the mouth is saying.

  • Gennaro Klein Reply

    Too many folks forget that the voting process is anonymous for good reason.

  • Moises Strosin Reply

    Wake me up when Anonymous does something bigger than a DDoS attack.

  • Tobin Abshire Reply

    "I feel similar anonymous" #WAKE ME UP

  • Otha Konopelski Reply

    I don't know what play Wake Forrest ultimately ran, but I reeeeally hope it was Peter Griffin, Batman on 2...

  • Juanita Leannon Reply

    good point. If voting was anonymous it certainly could change things.

  • Jadon Jacobs Reply

    Nancy Wake: A biography of our greatest war heroine. By peter fitzsimmons

  • Leanna Deckow Reply

    No more anonymous voting.

  • Leland Walter Reply

    >i like documentaries about space,ancient cultures & marijuana. wake the fuck up sheeple! #LegalizeIt #Burn4Bernie #Nihilist #GuyFawkes #Atheist #Anonymous [edge intensifies] This guy is a caricature.

  • Valentina Klocko Reply

    If he can't live without it, won't give it up and is sending himself into debt because of it, he needs narcotics anonymous and a wake up call of if he does this shit any longer he's going to lose absolutely everything including you

  • Korbin Kiehn Reply

    Today, Jews control vast areas of wealth in America. Estimates range all the way up to 90%. Whatever the figure, it is huge and immensely out of proportion to their 2% of the population in American society. Today, the U.S.A. is totally dominated by Jews. Virtually every newspaper or or television / media studio is owned by Jews. Their self-serving propaganda constantly fills the TV screen. The Federal government is totally under Jewish control. US military forces are the pawn of Israel. The banks, the markets are theirs. They are the majority of high profile positions like Lawyers and Doctors and they only hoist other Jews up and monopolize. They own all corporations and world banks, they will never give it up either. Our current uneven wealth distribution is here to stay forever. They systematically denigrate our Founding Fathers and our heritage and our Constitution. They are also famous for poisoning the well of society. What do they fill our media with in predominately white countries? Homosexuality, race mixing, feminism, white guilt this, white privilege that, multiculturalism, they constantly shit on christians / white people.etc etc. Meanwhile they sit behind hgh walls in Tel Aviv where all of these poisonous things they preach on us are practically illegal for their own people, but they push them on white people like no other. I could go on on but read this link for a more in-depth explanation. [Jewish control over America](

  • Tyrel Morar Reply

    I hate the 'anonymous' page. The people who support it and believe what they post are no better than the people they claim are 'sheep'. They never have any solid evidence to back up their claims and their only response is 'wake up you sheep'

  • Nicolette Crona Reply

    Which is why voting in should be anonymous.

  • Josie Pagac Reply

    Where to start, in order to fix the problems that America has and they have a lot. You need a complete restructuring of government, the greed and corruption that seeps from the government is tremendous. Just look at the wall street scandals, big banks, oil companies, defense companies, energy, food, car, or any other large industry. What does Cambodia or the Philippines have to offer to the United States? I'm truly asking, because they don't offer anything. You were previously talking about cutting aid to countries, but you want to give 40 billion to them? Why can't you use that money in America? Like you said afterwards? You didn't read what I posted previously. This money isn't going to make Tel Aviv look nice, its to fund the military. We are not talking about drinking water, or even about sewage pipes. This is about rockets, ammunition, and R&D.

  • Jillian Conroy Reply

    Limping with J/6 is extremely exploitable. These type of people will run away when they don't hit. If i have a decent hand against these players (two broadway or any pair +55) i will end up raising (perhaps min bet). This can 50% of the time scare off the blinds. Then when the flop comes a standard cbet will put pressure on them. If they raise, then run away, because they hit. The wetter the board the more scared they are. If they follow you to the turn. I usually check there. Then when the river comes another small raise will scare them away, even if they hit mid pair. These players hate pressure (even small min bet pressure). They get super nervous by the river. If they wake up and start raising you (especially quickly) or overbet, they have it 99% of the time. They are so face up. This is what i have dubbed a RRCR strat (raise-raise-check-raise). It is very profitable and also usually dependent on position. Btw, that guy you think has J6 might have TT or KQ but is scared off because you are betting on a JJ7 board and they don't even have a flush draw to flat with, so the little bambi gets scared and runs away. What others are saying about ISO bets get very dangerous in the micros. Isolation bets work against thunking players. These are anonymous level 0-1 players. Give them credit when they raise and pretend you hit when they hopefully didn't and you will do well.

  • Stefan Christiansen Reply

    That is not a fundamental part of government - it is more an issue with miss management and lack of competition. In Canada we have tons of P3 (Private Public Partnerships). Many if not most are poorly run. Highways, Airport, Trains, Power. All need profit and higher management salaries and services are typically use monopolistic pricing in the end. Taking a project and making it private does not magically make it better managed or better for people. I am a big fan of competition in any system - that is the key ingredient that makes things better. Examples I can think of include: Japan trains, Tel Aviv bus system, Taipei Bus systems, and Postal Banks in Germany and much of Africa.

  • Andres Gutmann Reply

    What if we had Bank like verification that links to anonymous voting

  • Keith Metz Reply

    For the small, good moments. Hanging out with friends? Reading books? Travelling? Spending Christmas with your family? Seeing the beauty of nature? Building something? Getting a dream job? or finding a decent job and finding a great hobby? Try finding something you're really passionate about, and stick to it. Don't be affraid to talk to people. It takes time to realise - life isn't perfect. It can really suck. But it doesn't suck all the time - there's nice things, too. Try to change your routine a bit, a small change can "wake you up" from the dark thoughts. Don't be affraid to see a professional for help. After all, there's a reason why they exist. There's no shame in having to see a mental health doctor in the same way there's no shame in seeing a doctor because of the flu. And remember - you matter. You're yourself, and that matters more than you can ever imagine to your beloved ones. Good luck, anonymous Internet person. Anonymous Internet friend.

  • Reanna Stroman Reply

    Wake up sheeple! Football player doesn't stand up for national anthem?? Sorry for having a voice and not along in line with the rest of the government controlled bots. Anonymous! It's time to stand up! Every day it was crap like this. At first it was sorta funny. Then it got ridiculous and repetitive. Finally unfollowed them.

  • Gregg Jenkins Reply

    Belongs on 'anonymous' the facebook page, wake up sheeple

  • Greta Hayes Reply

    Just wondering, because I don't follow Apple "we invented a new color" events every year. Have they ever dedicated time to the developer of just ONE app to have a presentation during their events to promote said app - one that is not even exclusive to the appstore? I mean the also let Niantic speaks, but there's a lowkey Apple Watch promotion there. Super Mario Run? Just an apps, not even Apple exclusive.

  • Tomasa Lang Reply

    Theory: TF Comics #6 was finally completed and ready to be shipped some time in January. It had been a grueling process of continual iteration over wildly different please wake up concepts and materials. It was going to be shipped ASAP, just once they had pulled together a blog post, but then some anonymous jackass sent an advanced copy and credit sheet into the Swedish Academy, to be reviewed for Nobel Prize potential. The Academy was so bemused by the strangeness of the submission that they decided to play along and sent a formal letter explaining the myriad reasons that the credit sheet could not be considered. This was the first notice Gaben got that there was a leak in the TF Comics team - which shares a few members, and, more importantly, the floor-space, with the HL3 team. He put the entire floor into lockdown, where it has remained to this day, in a new state of 'perpetual crunch-time' until HL3 is shipped. Their families miss them, but understand that this was always a potential risk, one of many you just have to accept to get near such a large and esteemed project. We also miss you, and want you to understand that we love you and that TF Comics isn't real, and you will always be welcome whenever you decide to wake up. Theory: TF Comics isn't delayed. Valve literally uses a different calendar system. Because they're extraterrestrials.

  • Brooks Weber Reply

    2 stories. I'm 5'6 and very nimble, as I run track for my school. One time I was at a house party in the middle of the town, and some guys on my floor come up to me and yell in a crowded "(OP), DUDE, (PERSON) AND I ARE GOING TO LIFT YOU UP AND CROWDSURF YOU" I didn't even have time to respond no, as they proceeded to grab my legs and throw me up. My head hits the ceiling leaving a sizeable dent in the drywall. I then am being carried by everyone and everyone is cheering on, except the owner, who was furious at me. I then proceeded to crowdsurf my way to the front door to go to the next party with my friends, as I think I overstayed my welcome. I have a video of said event, but would like to stay anonymous. Another story is I was with like 8 of my close friends and we all decided to get drunk one last time before me moved out for the summer. We drank some tasteful jungle juice, which I abused. I forgot everything that happened after 9pm. According to a friend, I was a blast until 11, where I pass out. I wake up 30 minutes later and say "I gotta pee". I preceed to go to the water fountain in the hallway and pee all around it, completely missing the fountain. The same guys who crowdsurfed me come out and see my johnson hanging over a waterfountain, and I scold them for coming in my stall. I am now crowdsurfer, pee fountain, or a combination of both to some people. Start my sophomore year in 8 days. Can't wait.

  • Jamil McGlynn Reply

    This was one of my worst nightmares. Here goes: I'm in my bed (it's a bunk bed and I'm on the bottom). In my room of my old apartment. It's not dark, but really gray and gloomy. My phone is next to me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the phone starts vibrating like crazy. Someone is calling me, but it is an anonymous call. I answer, and all I hear is this heavy breathing, and some occasional baby sounds. Like some next-level creepy sounds. I hang up as fast as I can, too scared to continue listening. I am still in my gloomy room and it's cold. I can't go back to sleep. My phone starts vibrating even louder this time. Once again, anonymous call. I answer and I hear the same exact sounds, completely horrifying me. I quickly hang up once again. This goes on for at least 2 other calls before I decided to sprint out of my room. I go to the kitchen and go see my parents but since they are asleep in their room I don't wake them up. I stay in the scary, cold, long corridor for another 10 minutes or so. I finally decide to go back to my room. The first thing I hear is my phone vibrating super loud, almost violently in my bed. Scariest. Sh*t. Ever.

  • Louie Berge Reply

    You can find them on YouTube, anonymous has their own channel. These five videos have all been released in the past 2-3 weeks I would say. They are very ominous, and generally encourage the citizens of the world to WAKE UP.

  • Natalie Kshlerin Reply

    I wish I could go. I guess I can only speculate what I would see. Jagwar Ma -> Classixx->Todd Terje -> Tame Impala -> Kendrick -> (Explosions vs Moby) Banks -> Black Madonna -> Bicep -> Mac Demarco -> Beach House -> LCD

  • Velda Lehner Reply

    How does that enforce anonymous voting?

  • Nash Walker Reply

    Just to clarify my stance, Louis CK speaks to his life all the time. It's built in to his work. If someone alleged that he blocked the door of a greenroom when two females were trying to get out and forced them to watch him masturbate, and he didn't do it, it makes no sense to me that he wouldn't straight up deny it. I'm not saying he definitely did it, but it's a red flag.

  • Jazmin Cruickshank Reply

    There is a reason why voting is anonymous.

  • Adela Bartoletti Reply

    Peter Todd seems completely confused about how banks bailout operate. Not surprising though, all the Core devs have childish and simplistic views on our modern economic system.

  • Luther Thiel Reply

    Moody Dixon Franks Retallick Romano Dixon Todd Leitch Ellis Banks Lowe Buckman Crotty Smith McKenzie

  • Melyna Toy Reply

    Encouraging critical thinking is one thing. But this was shared by Anonymous. Whatever positive message it may have had becomes tainted by a condescending "Wake up sheeple!" message.

  • Geoffrey Muller Reply

    My girlfriend and I at the time had parked on the sidewalk of a public street to take a snooze after a very large sushi lunch. I wake up to the sight of 8 to 10 police officers surrounding our car, along with two men wheeling over a very strange device, and a pair of fire fighters watching from a distance. Officer tells us to roll down the windows. I panick and go for my cellphone in my pocket. Officer screams to tell me to put my hands up where he can see them. I take this as a sign that I need to show him he has nothing to fear by the contents of my pockets. I intend to raise the cellphone in the air. He gets nervous and demands I put my hands in the air immediately. I finally grab hold of my cellphone, and raise it to show him it was only a cellphone. The second he sees something in my hand that I raise towards him, he screams something incomprehensible, and all of a sudden, 10 guns come out of their holsters pointed at us with ten very loud, angry police officers all screaming different orders. Long story short, some anonymous caller claimed we were using heron and we passed out. I was scolded for keeping my hands where they needed to be when stopped by the police. I will never forget the fear I felt at seeing a platoon of cops pull out their guns screaming at me and my girlfriend. I thought I was dead for sure

  • Mina Yundt Reply

    Well where to begin? The fact that you have resulted to calling what you do as a masturbatory prop "work". I guess that's a start. Actually having no comprehension of the DCMA but are fully willing to cite that as some reason in your mind to what you do as "intellectual property" Exactly when in your warped sense of reality did you attain a law degree specializing in copyright law? Was it when you were a stripper in Houston? Did all the cocaine you shoveled up your nose somehow bestow upon you some form of accreditation? While I admit you live in a very different world than I do, you make a video of yourself essentially selling your tattoo riddled body to strangers over the internet, and to equate that to "work". I find that amusing. If you wake up tomorrow morning and decide not to take the easy path in life. If you Decide not to be much more than a glorified camwhore I would applaud you. But I doubt you will. I highly doubt you will. You know nothing of self-sacrifice, of hard work. Take a difficult path in life and follow that. you might actually find it rewarding. Do that, hell do anything Instead of spending your time and energy on anonymous people on the internet. Or not, whatever the fuck I care?

  • Jonathan Cartwright Reply

    Well at least I can sleep at night knowing that anonymous redditers have the answers. Hopefully one day politicians will wake up and appoint r/politics Secretary of State.

  • Michele Turcotte Reply

    25 ASOS speaks Army so get used to that as well. I'd spend a little time on push-ups and some extra PT. High speed dudes, pretty high deployment rate historically, but don't know what it is now. Avoid Waianae. Go to Waimea Bay in December, to watch the waves, but do not go in!

  • Meghan Gulgowski Reply

    I prefer [Motivation]( by Sum 41, it's the song that truly speaks to rebellious younger me. "It's all just a waste of time in the end, don't care so why should I even pretend?"

  • Joel Wolff Reply

    That's true. I'm literally having trouble finding the time to watch all the different promotions which speaks to how great wrestling is right now.

  • Kennith Purdy Reply

    GOLD, WiLL u please WAKE THe fuck UP !i! GOLD don't u THiNK u had been betrayed n' sold out by your own "M'LOUNGERS" A Long TiME Ago? GOLD don't u THiNK your very own "MEGAS" are GILDING "Traitors to the noble metal" To your beloved lounges n' To u? GOLD, WiLL u please REDiSCOVER your strange anonymous generosity SPiRiT 4 Christ's sake n' do fucking something To enlighten the PLEBEIANS??i! Would iNSANE WEALTH Lead u To your death ? Would iNSANE THANKYOUS Lead u To your extinction ? Does your ANONYMOUS level have A fucking LiMiT ? GOLD u are NOT responsible for the actions of previous n' current "MeGaLOUNGiiitES" of yours, u alongside with other /r/MegaMeatLounge had protested against the intervention of the gilders of /r/centuryclubgold iN 2003 but - guilding iS useless always had been n' always WiLL be n' - the Establishment DiD iT anyway because we are ALL governed by UPVOTES in the clothing of "GOLD"i!

  • Layne Ferry Reply

    I volunteer for a crisis hotline and I am completely shocked at how the listener responded with irritation. Regardless of what time it was, that behavior is unacceptable. The courage it takes to make that initial phone call is such an important and fragile step. Please try and reach out again. As many people have already said, you found an unprofessional person who forgot that the calls have zero to do with his problems, as trivial and harmless as they seem (like having to wake up). The hotlines are there as an anonymous ear that can listen and reflect with you without judgement, it's not just a direct referral to resources and/or the police. Just being able to explore your current feelings to someone that will listen is huge. Please don't let this sleepy guy close that door of potential progress!!

  • Reyes O'Hara Reply

    Here ya go dude. St. Louis 2014 Bassnectar- Loco Ono (Stylust Beats & Bassnectar Remix) Bassnectar & Datsik- YES ID 3:50 Bassnectar- Infinite B.R.E.E.D.- Atomic Cafe Part I (Calverton Remix) Bassnectar & Excision- Put It Down w/amorphous form vocals Lloyd Banks- Beamer Benz Or Bentley (Skeet Skeet Remix) Blockhe4d- The Way Life Used To Be (Bassnectar “Edit”) Jantsen & Dirtmonkey- Ice Cream Sound Metrik- Your World VIP Bassnectar Feat. Amp Live- Ugly Professor Green Feat. Lily Allen- Just Be Good To Green (Kamo & Crooked Remix) Robot Koch- Vortex Cookies (Flako Remix) Noisia & Mayhem- Exodus (Bassnectar Edit) Bassnectar- Freak Party w technologic vocals Juju vs Barry Levington- Murderer Punks Bassnectar Mashup Bassnectar Feat Rye Rye- Now Joker- Snake Eater Bear Pause- 808 City Cozza Frenzy Tease Butch Clancy- Russian Lullaby Nero- Reaching Out Bassnectar & Jansten Feat. Fashawn & Zion I- Lost In The Crowd (Locoja Remix) Bassnectar & Lupe Fiasco- Vava Voom Caspa & Rusko- Louder VIP Bassnectar Feat. Donnis- Noise Bassnectar Feat. Jenna Sousa- The Future Bassnectar- Hologram Bassnectar- Teleport Massive (Bassnectar Remix) Mr. Carmack- Rock Dem ID iLL.Gates & Bassnectar- Do It Like This The Widdler- Final Stage Jewel- Stand ID Bassnectar- Paging Stereophonic w/ Jurassic 5 the influence vocals Jayceeoh, Kowai Kowai & Compose- Pick It Up (The Choice Is Yours) Danny Breaks- The Jellyfish w/ Bahamadia- Total Wreck Bit Meddler- Dermetfak Bassnectar Feat. Jenna Sousa- The Future (Proper Villains Remix) LEViTATE- God Status w/ BOB outta my mind vocals Lafa Taylor- Heaters (Bassnectar Remix) ID Maximum Frequency ID Bassnectar Feat. Angel Haze- Freestyle Bassnectar Feat. W. Darling- You & Me Bassnectar- Ephemeral When I Grow Up TEASE Telefon Tel Aviv- TTV (Bassnectar Edit) FAMILY PHOTO Mos Def- Twilite Speedball (Bassnectar mashup) Feadz- Instant Beta Zeds Dead Feat. Omar Linx- Out For Blood Everybody Bounce Loop Yellow Claw & The Opposites- Thunder (Cratesz Remix) CR/\Z & Bassnectar- Thursty gLAdiator- Work END

  • Elisabeth McKenzie Reply

    Wake up sheeple, you'd trust the establishment over some random and anonymous stranger on the internet??? He's trying to show you the light, take the power back and fight the man.

  • Emanuel Hegmann Reply

    this post sums up everything wrong with bobby and khalyla. bravo. i wonder if we can do something about it. maybe an anonymous email would give bobby a slap in the face to wake up?

  • Karianne Bode Reply

    Maybe he come out too strong, some ppl just can't have hair criticism :) To be fair, I personally know some of the enterprise/banks/corporate clients Todd advises.

  • Betty Hermann Reply

    The Attacks on RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan: Lessons from Stanley Fischer as a Central Banker - --- >* On April 21, 2009, Professor Stanley Fischer, thenthe governor of the Bank of Israel andcurrently theVice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, summoned Shari Arison to his office in Tel Aviv for a very unusual conversation. >* And in that interview, when asked to explain what was happening behind the scenes, he chose to quote a paper by Randall Morck, one of the leading experts in the world on corporate governance and political economy: >* First, at the firm level, these ownership structures vest dominant control rights with families who often have little real capital invested creating agency and entrenchment problem simultaneously. >* Asked what he had learned, hesaid that hed ratherletsleeping dogs lie but his ability to carry the day and start a process of cleaning up the Israeli banks is very relevant when reviewing what is happening today in India. >* The idea that a powerful technocrat such as a central banker has to be native-born and to have spent most of his life in the country to be part of the culture, and to bearthe consequences of his decisions together with the rest of the citizens, can be appealing and may have some merit toit. --- Here are some other news items:^credits ^to ^u-sr33 > * [Lessons from Stanley Fischer's term as Israel's central banker]( > * [Chicago University backs RBI governor, says Rajan fought crony capitalism, bad debt, hence under attack]( --- ^I'm ^a ^bot ^| ^OP ^can ^reply ^with ^"delete" ^to ^remove ^| [^Message ^Creator]( ^| [^Source]( ^| ^Did ^I ^just ^break? ^See ^how ^you ^can ^help! ^Visit ^the ^source ^and ^check ^out ^the ^Readme

  • Diamond Rau Reply

    And you calling BS is suppose to mean shit to me why? Like something some anonymous stranger on the internet says means shit to me in the real world? Further, like because some unknown nobody on the internet wants to cause a fuss i am suppose to divulge the private details of my previous legal proceedings? Wake up kid, i don't know what planet you live on but here on earth, your nothing but a disillusion nobody on the internet and the words you type hold about as much weight as a fly fart in the wind in Mozambique much as my own or anybody elses' words. Get a life man, its the internet and i think its about time you unplug for a bit and go outdoors. You have a serious problem if you can devote this much time to a post on reddit and on that note, you have wasted about as much of my time as i am going to allow.

  • Brook Huel Reply

    There is nothing more worthless than the opinion of an anonymous writer on an internet blog who doesn't allow feedback of any form. "How dare you exercise your right to make a choice about having children when there are so many people who can't!", and then ironically calls CF couples narcissistic for living their lives the way they choose instead of how SHE thinks they should live their lives. "Eventually you wake up and go ‘is this all there is?’" Translation: "In my 30's I came to the realization that I've never accomplished anything in life and decided it's time to vicariously accomplish things through children!"

  • Iliana Bosco Reply

    Which is why I only get my information from blogs I've never heard of and anonymous social media posts. You are a tool of the liberal media Chumps! Wake up!

  • Mervin Lynch Reply

    Cool, wake me up when the NY Times stops guessing bases on anonymous sources and Clapper makes an actual announcement.

  • Brianne Klocko Reply

    WAKE UP, ANONYMOUS KING OF DJIBOUTI. There are people coming for you.

  • Vickie Jacobi Reply

    Agree! Dom is *Hank*. Mr Robot is *Heisenberg* (heavily alluded in S2E3/4) Sutherland is *Ehrmantraut* (Jonathan Banks). Shayla is *Jane*. Bill is *Todd*.

  • Darian Hickle Reply

    No, I'm salty about a kid that was making efforts to be responsible and wake up to their alarm getting metaphorically kneecapped by a meddling mother and having a bunch of anonymous internet assholes dogpile on him for not being responsible and waking up on time *when he was responsble and set a goddamn alarm specifically for that purpose*.

  • Elvera Willms Reply

    > third [NYPD is the 7th largest army in the world](, at least according to their mayor at the time. And [NYPD also has many over-seas bases -- in London, Lyons, Hamburg, Toronto, and Tel Aviv](, and it [has anti-aircraft capabilities]( If you wonder why it needs such capabilities [Salon had an article implying it's almost as much the army of Wall Street Banks as it is for protecting and serving people who live there](

  • Jesus Reinger Reply

    Anyone have the anonymous breakdown of voting?

  • Malachi Buckridge Reply

    It looks interesting. I mean, I'm not sure if I'd ever get around to watching it (I'm not a huge fan of horror movies/games, though I really did enjoy Alan Wake) but it looks interesting. Was William Peter Blatty involved in this?

  • Pansy Harvey Reply

    "If I wake up and there is shit in the toilet, it's not such a surprise. If I wake up and there is shit on the kitchen table, well, now I have a reason to be concerned." - Anonymous

  • Rollin McGlynn Reply

    Oh sorry did I die an wake up in an alternate reality where we are accepting anecdotes from anonymous people on reddit as evidence?

  • Courtney Lang Reply

    Wow. Google On-Line Gamers Anonymous Serving divorce papers might wake him up too

  • Stan McKenzie Reply

    The police already knew it was in the car, prior to pulling him over for "following too closely." When is the US citizens going to wake up? We are being illegally surveiled, all the time. When they find something, they "call in an anonymous tip" (which the US Supreme Court has already ruled is acceptable grounds to pull over and search a car).

  • Chester Wisozk Reply

    We appreciate the foresight of Greece, our brothers. We have actually planned for such a contingency. If you view the initial [proposal](, you will notice that both Tel Aviv and Cairo have auxiliary banks - these are branches that may serve as a central branch should trouble befall the Valetta headquarters. We should probably also mention to Egypt that their branch needs to be activated.

  • Juston Kessler Reply

    I just wake up and I'm in - in a motel room. There's the key. It feels like maybe it's just the first time I've been there, but perhaps I've been there for a week, three months. It's kind of hard to say. I don't - I don't know. It's just an anonymous room.