At long last, the video summary of the unique block [halving] party TLV 2016!

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  • At long last, the video summary of the unique block [halving] party TLV 2016!
  • Video - Block [Halving] Party TLV 7.7.2016

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  • Bernardo Gusikowski Reply

    TLV: Pasaz, the Block, Alphabet, Breakfast Club, Kuli Alma You should note that all of these places except for Pasaz (18 or 19+ and also a really cool place) are 24+, so if you have a fake ID, preferably an old one, use it and it'll work no problem (admittedly I haven't been to all the clubs mentioned but they're all well known/highly regarded within that scene). Israeli bouncers never question American IDs. Jerusalem: Jerusalem has almost zero club scene. It's alright though because the bars are awesome, and way cooler than most TLV bars I've been to (with waaaaaaaayy better/more beer options). My favorite bars are: Sira (absolutely incredible), Little Pinkhas (פנקס הקטן), hataklit/hakasetta (התקליט/הקסטה), and anywhere in Machane Yehuda is fun at night. Though Hataklit/Hakasetta and Machane Yehuda are less Techno oriented than Sira and Little Pinkhas - if you're looking for house/techno/good DJ's Sira **is** your place).

  • Carli Wunsch Reply

    Off the top of my head: Abathur: recently had a few games in which anyone who was solo laning during objective demanded a hat. I promptly block such people. In addition whenever someone says "go to lane and soak" - look bud, its adorable that you think hiding in brush is somehow going to effect the experience gains that my locusts are already providing, maybe if I burrowed to a different lane, but guess what? I'm currently busy baby sitting people who need hats, and they have an abathur-killer on their team, so nu. Hammer: Basically with chromie and li ming, it can get a bit depressing. Hopefully she gets a rework now that other heroes are essentially in her light. Rex-Misha : I wish Misha controlled like a viking, the controls are so irritating. TLV: no one is 4 man roaming. Alarak: so damn much about everything. "you deal 50% damage to everything but heroes"-trait, A character I'd love to main but his kit is just so, so irritating.

  • Jedediah Pollich Reply

    At long last, CUBA LIBRE!

  • Hermann Marquardt Reply

    This. If we forkes to adjust the smallest amount of sendable bitcoin to be less than a satoshi (0.00000001 BTC) before reaching 21 million, we could in theory just keep halving the block reward ad infinitum.

  • Valentine Steuber Reply

    This is false. Some miners believed this. At the first block reward halving (they kept mining blocks with a 50 BTC reward), it turned out they were wrong and lost money because of it.

  • Nina Kuvalis Reply

    At long last, well memed sir.

  • Robin Runte Reply

    John Smith 2483-2016 "Going back home again at long last, but taking the scenic route this time"

  • Valerie Lemke Reply

    Why would the block reward halving reduce volatility?

  • Anissa Koch Reply

    Howdy HotSBalance team! Big fan of the game and I've been playing for a while, **1.** What types of professional work do you recommend for getting the type of experience you view is valuable to join the dev team? Are other types of non-moba design transferable in your opinions? **2.** When you design a talent or gameplay element really well, it highlights a key choice the player needs to make (Survivability or wave clear, burst or poke, global presence or heals, etc). Most of the time, base abilities feel 'underwhelming by design' which gives them good room to grow with talents. For example - Tassadar's shift feels really underwhelming most of the time, but it feels meaningful with talents. Sometimes, that **healthy design is good enough to be added to the base ability**. We've seen you add range to Kerrigan's E, give Kael's Living Bomb baseline spreading, Nazeebo's Level 1 Ritual (a discussed future candidate), Tassadar's Khala's Embrace (a requested candidate) etc. How do you **pick the right moments to add talent to baseline abilities**? **3.** Is there a shared sentiment of an easy way to make characters good is to improve their **wave clear**? The tank meta of Joh/Leoric was driven by tanks with waveclear (Diablo, Anub and Chen start filling this role nowadays). Kael, Kerrigan, Greymane and several other characters have a lot of strength in their wave clear. Is that something you actively design around - "We can't give Chromie/Medivh too much wave clear"-type statements? **3b.** Do you think it would be possible to make a **character that can't deal damage to minions** at all or is it too unhealthy from a design perspective? **4.** Is there a chance that **Lili, the 'simple support'** could get some Piano Uther-esq talents **to raise her skill ceiling** in addition to the low skill floor - Example: 'Extend the range of healing Brew by 30% and allow it to be targeted manually'. **5.** How do you feel about the '**X attacks or X sources of damage' mechanics** scattered across the game (Block, Murky's puffer, Blackheart's chest VS Rehgar's Totem, Zagara's Creep, Chromie's Traps)? Do you feel that characters like Tychus, TLV, Vikings can invalidate this. Is there a reason why Blackheart's chest doesn't get a scaling health value to reward more burst oriented characters who are giving up far more to break the chest than TLV/Rehgar/Nazeebo/Tracer? **6.** How do you feel about the **state of mages** - they have strong 1v1 potential most of the time (Kael's stun, Li-Ming's resets), poke, zoning and wave clear. How do you feel they trade off for those myriad of abilities? Survivability? Burst? Longer cooldowns? **7.** Do you feel that **benefit on takedowns make the game more individual skill focused** and degrade the team oriented nature of the game (Dehaka's Passive, Li-Ming, Greymane's Go for the Throat and others)? **8.** Not a question - **Thank you for quests**. I adore the mechanics of them. I always feel the best gameplay exists when players must choose between short term benefits and long term benefits while considering risks. Quests perfectly bring this to center stage in player logic. I'd love to see a Quest-centric hero who's kit is heavily based around quest talents (Hero name: Questing Adventurer, representing a WoW player leveling up, skin variations would feature gear, cute idea imo) **9** Do you feel balance wise it's possible to make and balance **Core Replacement Heroes** like C'Thun, Yogg'Saron, Kil'Jaedan, Overmind or the other suggested ideas. A character who doesn't have a killable presence in the main field? Do you feel characters like Abathur, TLV (on certain maps), Cho'Gall and others can have too much of a defining impact on matches they're in? (Example: Matches with Malfurion or Lili aren't nearly as defined by them as Stealthies or TLV shape games) **10.** **Favorite design of any single talent** in the game. Why? Is there anywhere else in the game you'd wish to expand that design. **11.** As a support main - thank you for Kharazim, Uther and other Support balancing. They're really coming together more than 'Top Tier uther/rehgar/tyrande autopick vs everything' Thank you very much for answering my questions if you get to them

  • Cecilia Rohan Reply

    I'm afraid that US goverment dispatched a team over at NSA or elsewhere which over the last few years managed to reverse-engineer the WikiLeaks security system. Their best bet is to keep thing murky now for as long as they can.

  • Ethyl Kreiger Reply

    1) Cursed Hollows, ETC The draft is already full of stuns (tyrande and uther) and has less DPS. The follow up stun is important. Also the roaming 4man gank in the pre-ten levels is powerful due to TLV soaking. The ultimate's also line up nicely, Divine Shield and Mosh go together same as starfall and mosh. You could even go hinterlands blast, but i wouldn't. Also there team is an all in comp on illidan so if you can stun out illidan you win the team fight. 2) Battlefield of Eternity: Johanna Lunara is a beast when it comes the the immortal phase. But need very good positioning, and peeling. Jo is the best peeler in the game. She also has an engage Shield throw, that grey can capitalize on. ETC is also the threat with two mages to blow up. Jo can unstoppable into condemn to stop mosh. 3) Sky Temple: Chen So the enemy team has drafted really well. So time to break out the weird pick. But the enemy team only has one interrupt, hook and you don't want to use it on a tank. And if chen isn't stunned out of his boose his sustain is unreal. He also have a dive to mess with grey and falstad, and at level 16 has access to a near root. He also doesn't tax BWs shield. It's not great but it's the best of a losing draft. 4) Dragon Shire: Muradin The back line for your team is very heavy so peals are needed vs thrall. But there is only one hero that is going to dive, maybe two with Tyrael. But Muradin has AA speed reduction, good vs thrall, and a stun to follow up the KT stun. You can use Falstad is you really need to disengage after a sunder. He also has a passive heal that really helps vs the sustain damage from nazeebo. But a large enough HP pool to tank jaina. 5) Tomb of the spider Queen: Stiches Every member has a root/stun. One hook and the team fights are 5v4. Also your team has 2.5 front liners in kerrigan, xul and uther. So Stiches can stand farther behind the front line to make his hooks even better. Also on Tomb you have a good idea of where players are so blind hooks can come into play. Only two of have good hook counters, Malf with ice-block and Jo with her trait. Good job you can draft a win more tank because you already have a better draft. Plus if you go slam build you have wave clear. 6) Blackhearts Bay: Arthas He can dive with Sonya and stay with her. She does the DPS he does the rooting. Both have great self sustain so the BW pick is over taxed. Also with KT has a stun to follow up howling blast or the other way around. He also has enough self sustain to get through most stuns from the enemy team. With the exception of Falstad hammer the enemy team has low aoe damage so his army of the dead + 20 upgrade will survive and provided so much healing. 7) Towers of Doom: Dehaka I'm going risky here, but hear me out. Globals are very powerful on Towers and now your team has one to match BWs. Also your tongue is going to be stronger due to locked positions on channeling towers. Also this is an abs map. Dehaka can catch him out of position and grab a few kills. And in team fights there will be double grays fighting. His isolation can lock one out of a fight and win 5v4. Because disengage with clone is like burning a heroic. The down side is he can have a hard time solo tanking, but is isolation can lock down the abs clone it should be enough to win the fight. If you want to be lame pick Johanna her blind is good vs grey and she can peel for your mage heavy team but Dehaka seems like he could work here so be bold.

  • Jeromy Kessler Reply

    I got sixth man yesterday! I have Curry at last! Took me sooooo long. Guys, don't give up!

  • Sheridan Mayer Reply

    Not a single chance, Chinese buyers don't care about SegWit. It's either more correction since the block reward halving, or Chinese buyers simply want to escape yuan.

  • Sandra Breitenberg Reply

    You're cherry picking my points with nothing really substantial to go on. Elevation/flying? You're missing the point. Playing as Brightwing, you cast Arcane Flare as an area of effect on a point. The projectile then flies to this point, with delay, and causes the damage/effect. The game has no currently existing framework for detecting, or even caring, about anything in between AoE-point, Brightwing, and the projectile itself. Reinhardt **simply wouldn't work**. Cho'Gall, TLV, Abathur? What's your point here? They're different, yes. They work. Reinhardt, would be different but **simply wouldn't work**. > Where is your evidence for that? > it is generally impossible to know how much effort a feature takes to implement in a completely unknown codebase I've been modding / mapping using Blizzard proprietary tools since Warcraft 2. I would say I understand the limitations and expandable feature-set of the Starcraft 2 engine intimately. Auto-attacks do not search, do not check line of sight, do not validate (except for on-target buffs like Block or Evasion). For every single auto-attack throughout a full HotS game to then need to periodically check (from 'attacking' to 'impact/damage') all points on a line to detect Reinhardt (for example) - that WOULD kill framerates and performance, not to mention lag/net-code suffering as a result of hundereds more checks per second. I know this because it is something I tried in a custom map - the engine only utilizes two cores. Two cores can only handle so much; if you count/track the number of auto attacks in a 20 minute, 5v5 game, and multiplied their resource cost by ~80%, you'll come to this same conclusion regardless of any SC2 (and therefore; HotS) engine knowledge. > You can go either way, and neither way seems to pose serious problems. What I see as a serious problem is the amount of work developers, testers, balancers, designers have to **put in**, for the actual gameplay / content value they **get out**. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be proved totally wrong on all counts and for Blizzard to absolutely go HAM on a Reinhardt concept that works, is balanced and translates well to HotS. I just don't think it is feasible, likely nor achievable or even worth achieving due to (everything) i mentioned in my initial reply.

  • Allan Wuckert Reply

    I guess you'll have to check the tx sequence number or the tx's parents sequence number : This block explorer shows txs' sequence numbers:

  • Angelica Green Reply

    /U/Rassah/ Dooglus does an excellent summary of the problem with fee estimation here -

  • Ethelyn Frami Reply

    Good job. Thank you for posting and sharing. I would recommend to add two things. 1. The conclusion/summary is missing. It would be great idea if you could say which one is the best. 2. Your bitcoin address for donations !

  • Berniece Franecki Reply

    Because I see, at long last, what's wrong with the world. Too many Doctor Strange x Winter Solider posts.

  • Shea Homenick Reply

    Brownies usually don't last long enough to cool, at least in my apartment.

  • Arnulfo Will Reply

    So I do this: 1: Lingering Chill, longer duration of slows is more CC and allows the chill to last longer for the chance of another cooldown to come back and get more damage. 4: If we have a specialist or the enemies are melee heavy, I go Frost Armor, if we don't have a specialist or the enemies don't have a lot of gap closers I go Arcane Intellect, This allows me to keep mana and act like a specialist. 7: Frostbitten. More damage on every ability 10: Ring of Frost, I take this 99% of the time, if my team somehow all has CC, then I'll take frost elemental, if not the extra CC is just too good to pass up. 13: Either or, If I am getting focused I'll get the shields, If not, the more damage I can unleash with icy veins the less damage my team takes when all the enemies are dead. 16: Against TLV, Samuro and others who have a lot of enemies, I go increase radius of w, in every other case, more damage is better. So Northern Exposure. 20: Almost anything works. If you're being focused, get ice block, if your team doesn't have a lot of CC get Cold Snap, if you got icy veins, I recommend arcane power, activate both and you're killing anything in range.

  • Adan Marvin Reply

    * What maps should I be taking Regen Globe Quests/Seasoned Marksmen on? * How do I reliably collect them if my allies are pushing before i can get there should i stick to one lane? * If the enemy has a murky or tlv, should i always be taking seasoned marksmen to farm off of them? * Is Block overrated? I feel like i could be blocking two autos from a malfurion and the entire talent is wasted. Or one auto from a samuro's illusions and it's already gone. I feel like it's a noob trap

  • Lucious Nader Reply

    Yea I do not even look at a new car till 200K and my car is not known for last as long a yours.

  • Solon Bailey Reply

    Change in block reward rules. Now and for ever every block is rewarded constant amount of doges, while initially it was like bitcoin with block reward halving.

  • Yazmin Beier Reply

    If you had to be at the office 24hrs a day how long do you think you'd last?

  • Maiya Senger Reply

    Not for long with a QTc like that last beat! At least 620 ms JK. That pumpkin was dead as soon as you excised its brain.

  • Velda Orn Reply

    If you halved the block reward at the same time as halving the interval target the total supply would remain the same...

  • Adan Cummerata Reply

    I think reckoner is a solid map. the second is kinda weird and last holds are really long but it's not at all a bad map

  • Mazie Konopelski Reply

    Things I'd add: - Ambusher - Maybe Zeratul + Diablo - Blind - Auriel - Buffer - Tyrande (Stealth), Raynor (W) - Should be 'Burst' damage - Displacement - Sgt. Hammer, Tyrael (Holy Ground + Judgement), Auriel (Dunno the name, but level 13 talent) - Engage can have a TON of heroes, mostly tanks. Anub'arak, Cho'gall, Johanna, ETC, Zarya, Falstad, Zeratul, Arthas, Gazlowe, Sonya, Zagara, Leoric, Butcher - Fast Respawn - Diablo, TLV (at level 20) - Giant Killer - If you're JUST going on % health damage, Leoric, Valla, I think a few more but ICR - Global presence - Vikings, Lt. Morales, Auriel (level 20) - Invulnerable - Medivh, if he counts?, Alarak - Longer range - Nova, a lot of people at level 20 if they get the talent, Lunara at level 13 (or 16, I can't remember) - Mobility - Literally so many I dunno where to start. Tracer, for one??? And since Thrall is in there, you're including movement speed boosts so basically 90% of heroes. - Multi heal - Li Li can get two for 1 at 16, and 1,000,000 cups at 20. - Pet - Samuro, Gazlowe, Chen arguably? - Self Sustain - Stitches, ETC, Illidan, Most healers, Butcher - Shields - Tyrael, Rehgar, I'm assuming you're putting protective shield in there (cos of Tyrande), so Uther/Kharazim/anyone else I've forgotten. Kael'thas. I dunno why Zagara's in there? - Single heal - Rehgar. Maybe Kharazim if you include palm. - Slow - A LOT of heroes through talents. - Stasis - Auriel. Maybe anyone with Ice Block (or equivalent) if you're counting that? - Stealth - Dehaka, Medivh, Sylvanas, Samuro, Tassadar. Not sure how Brightwing can go stealth? - Stun - A lot. ANUB'ARAK? Gazlowe, Tyrael, Raynor, Illidan. Probably a few more I forgot with talents. - 'Utility' could literally mean ANYTHING, so get rid of the whole thing altogether. Or at LEAST add Vikings.

  • Chelsey Konopelski Reply

    At long last, we've hit Peak Irrelevance for these "profile screenshot" posts. Congrats everyone! Good game!

  • Kaleigh Friesen Reply

    1. Double support plus TLV is a very low damage composition. Ideally you'd pick a tank for whom stun chains are relevant, so either they have a stun themselves or are good at initiating chains in some other way, and who was very high damage. E.TC. has the best stun but the second lowest damage. Diablo has damage and stuns but low survivability. Stitches has great initiation and statistically this is his best map, while also doing a lot of damage. Muradin has damage, a great stun, and an attack speed slow for the Illidan. Johanna has wave clear, a blind, and Condemn would allow for Uther to get a lot of value out of Divine Storm but has the weakest gank potential and the lowest damage. I don't like this draft at all. 2. Currently your team wins the immortal. All you need is peel, disruption, and a mosh cancel. Johanna. 3. Because of standing in the front line and hooks, you must have an escape. Muradin, ETC, Anub'Arak, and Leoric qualify. Anub is very weak against Greymane, so he is off the table. Of the remaining three Leoric gives the most value to Tychus because of Entomb. He is also just very good against Stitches. Muradin and ETC offer more peel against the Greymane and Muradin is his own healer post-13, so Brightwing's lack of burst healing is irrelevant. Muradin wins by a bit. 4. ETC. Sunder is the only cancel and Kael'Thas+ETC will dominate the four man rotation. 5. Anub'Arak. The only way that team does not get melted in team fights is Tranquility. Cocoon Tranquility and the fight is over. This forces Malf to burn Tranq and Ice Block at the start of every fight or lose his heroic... in which case you just back off and wait a bit, then re-engage. 6. Chen. Not ideal, but someone needs to counter Thrall in bot lane and Sonya is doing camps. 7. Johanna is the only option. The comp needs a mosh interrupt, wave clear, and some way to mitigate Greymane. No other tank provides all of those.

  • Ora McCullough Reply

    42 Years old, last year at this time. Much easier on my body than long distance running, and a lot more fun. So glad I had the balls to start at this age.

  • Serena Langosh Reply

    That is how it is designed you just keep halving the block value and ultimately it will raise the price of btc

  • Celia Roob Reply

    These other talents for Leoric at this tier are not THAT bad.. Block is a very solid choice these days. Hopelessness isn't an awful talent.. He just had a better version of Regen master, which was already a great talent. It became somewhat defining for him because it took a long while to fix it, but by that way of designing they could have made regen master baseline on 3-4 heroes. Especially since they did that once with TLV it would make no sense whatsoever. Leoric's trait would be gathering globes + undying?? Now Leoric actually has some options. Sure Mana thirst still absolutely blows and needs a fix but between the Reanimation, Block and Hopelessness there is some reasonable choice. They can't just go and buff the other options all too much because there is block as well. Some neutral talents are good for the game because otherwise it get's cluttered with too many effects. They made hero specific versions of battle momentum but that ability you don't really have to read as the opponent. With abilities like block and spell shield it can be important to know if someone has charges and the like so they won't be tweaking them for heroes individually. Hence the powerlevel of block kind of determines the power of the levle 1 tier for most warriors. Regen master / Reanimation was too good and had to be toned down. Some other talents on Leoric can get a tiny buff, but making stuff baseline is an awful way to go at it. Just give back a little power to Leoric's Q. It used to clear waves really well early on, now you need 2 swings of it basically. Give it 10% more dmg and Leoric is in a fine spot again. He needs it because Xul especially does everything he does but better now.

  • Rudolph Parisian Reply

    Yeah, I need this too. Last year my accountant didn't really know how to deal with it. She just told me: "just give me the summary provided by the bitcoin service". Alright, should I just print out the blockchain?

  • Eve Rath Reply

    > *Mar 1 00:05:07.702: %CAPWAP-3-DHCP_RENEW: Could not discover WLC. Either IP address is not assigned or assigned IP is wrong. Renewing DHCP IP. This is your biggest issue. Are you sure that the AP is getting an IP address? If you're not doing DHCP on your local core switch then make sure your IP helper is setup correctly. There are two ways for the AP to discover the WLC: DHCP option 43 or resolving the hostname cisco-capwap-controller.domain (the domain is set in your DHCP scope). I prefer DNS because it's easier to configure, since option 43 requires converting IP addresses to hexadecimal. Since the other APs are working fine, it's likely that you're using DHCP option 43 but whoever configured it setup a vendor class identifier in the DHCP server so that only specific clients get the correct options. Check yoru DHCP server to make sure option 43 is provided to all clients on the VLAN where APs are located, or configure a different VLAN with a different vendor class identifier for the new APs. --- The 3502P access point uses the type-length-value (TLV) format for DHCP Option 43. DHCP servers must be programmed to return the option based on the access point’s DHCP Vendor Class Identifier (VCI) string (DHCP Option 60). The VCI string for the 3502P access point is: Cisco AP c3502 The format of the TLV block is listed below: Type: 0xf1 (decimal 241) Length: Number of controller IP addresses * 4 Value: List of WLC management interfaces ---

  • Estelle Ortiz Reply

    Medivh is broad and wide, but only as deep as his teamwork. He's incredibly strong, deals high sustained damage, has the best escapes in the game since he can share, and can potentially block more damage in a game than any support could heal. He also has extreme control in either of his ultimates, the best scouting the game has ever seen. and extremely versatile tools *especially* at level 20, but also before it. Medivh's problem is that he enhances his team. He makes tanks tankier, assassins assassinier, and so on. He bolsters any support's rotations, can control any battlefield, and cancel out entire *chains* of enemies. The thing is, he's difficult to play well. He has a *lot* of decision making to worry about--more than most other teams combined, even with niche picks like Abby and TLV thrown in. Because at any time he can basically be anywhere on the map doing something useful, more than one something, You really need good prioritization. On top of that, the best Medivh in the world can only do so much for teammates that aren't expecting the shields and portals, that don't have the reaction time to capitalize on the ult. The higher you go in MMR and skill, the better your allies will be about capitalizing on your payoffs, but without strong coordination, there will always be a disadvantage to it. He's pants-shittingly fun, though.

  • Julianne Crist Reply

    i think its nice they are looking at stuff like this. but imo they should be thinking about hero design more, recently it has just been terrible for the game. heroes like chromie, liming and tracer are huge problems, if not balance wise they are not healthy for the game. if you have tracer in the enemy team block is completely worthless talent, plus having herioc on lvl 1 is just plain stupid. i dont know what they are thinking with releasing hero like that. then there are chromie and liming with both being very much problematic in their own ways. liming makes some heroes completely unplayable(tlv and murky come to mind) and heroes that have no cc or gap closer very ineffective(leoric and dehaka). chromie makes hammer useless and is very infuriating to play against when you lose half your hp to something you cant see coming. they seriously need to think more about the impact of new heroes when designing them or we will always be asking for reworks on heroes that newer heroes made useless or invalidated. medivh might be one of those heroes that just breaks the game, or he might be that hero we needed to bring viability to older heroes only time will tell.

  • Hannah Bode Reply

    I tuned into TripleW stream not to long ago, was last week I think and he seemed annoyed that Thorn was getting a nerf when RoI drops, I'll see if there's a VOD of it when I'm done at work

  • Sterling Sauer Reply

    Summary: Bitcoin is too successful.

  • Muhammad Kilback Reply

    There was halving recently. So, good reason to decrease block-time.

  • Garfield Hirthe Reply

    So the same food served at the Library Bar and Grill. It won't last long if it is.

  • Roy Herzog Reply

    p.s. I unlocked it, at long last, on this same run. Dear moon, my heart is still tries to escape my chest

  • Bettie White Reply

    I'm a picker, so if I ever got a wart, it wouldn't last long! But then I'd probably spread it everywhere from picking at it! LOL

  • Isabel Schaden Reply

    halving was priced into the hardware cost. did you expect prices to drop 50% the moment the block reward halved?

  • Kobe Wisozk Reply

    I swear to god if you continue to be so ignorant as to say i didnt read it, i will fucking block quote the entire thing and explain why you are so wrong. The reason i didnt directly address what you said is because it is so out of place. Lets go map by map really quick and show you how you dont know much about this game shall we? "depending on the power of the objective" while you dont realize this doesnt make any sense!!! Lets see where having a 5v4 can quickly secure an objective. Curse - no Sky - no tomb - no dragon - no infernal - no BoE - no Tower - no Garden - no BhB - no Wow, thats every fucking map, so your generic broad statement has LITERALLY nothing to do with the topic, i wonder why i left it out, hummm. There is no map that magically allows you to get the objective for free with a 4v5, and thats why TLV are powerful, why do i even bother. Reply one more time that i didnt read it and i swear not only will i quote each section and explain why you are wrong, but im going to be an even bigger dick about it, fuck off!

  • Lesly Steuber Reply

    He loses a lot of credibility when he says the block reward went from 50 btc to 25 btc in this year's halving.

  • Princess Hodkiewicz Reply

    A summary of the Bank of Japan Forum on Payment and Settlement systems, released on Friday, revealed that public blockchains were discussed in a positive light. Banks and financial institutions typically focus on projects using private blockchains, where a greater amount of privacy and control can be held by the issuer. Their public counterparts, such as Bitcoin’s blockchain, are usually sidelined.

  • Melvina Wiza Reply

    Erm has everyone forgotten already, we had a halving of block rewards just about a month ago ?

  • Bo Donnelly Reply

    Monero transactions are larger so scaling will be more challenging than Bitcoin in the other hand it use dynamic block limit so it will not be cap to an hard limit. This is my quick summary :)

  • Amelie Erdman Reply

    If he's getting mad at this, he won't last long in lol

  • Ardella Hammes Reply

    I still have a Bitcoin option during checkout. After login it shows shipping and payment options followed by order summary on one page.

  • Destiney Christiansen Reply

    Could someone give me an executive summary about Bitcoin Unlimited? Who are they and what does this mean for the community?

  • Wilfred Eichmann Reply

    Thanks for the superb summary of the bitcoin ecosystem.

  • Claude Davis Reply

    As a passionate murky tlv and abathur player, murky is amazing. Last year i favoured the bubble build with compressed air and block, this year i use slime build with mostly slime advantage however hindering slime is good to snowball a lead with ability to just chase for more kills -> objectives -> win, bigger slime radius, slime cd, and slime puffer with either bubble breeze where the movespeed to stick onto a mage in teamfights for example, block to stop that thrall for example smashing your glass open. I don't find any use for the egg build, not that its bad, but more the other builds are very strong in comparison. Where slime build has great objective control and bubble build has great tanking ability vs low burst teams (no where near as common as last year, hence why i switched), puffer build just gives away so much of your kit to have a small chance to 1 shot imo. If you did need a reference

  • Martin Fay Reply

    Not a dev: Medivh is a specialist because his base kit is complex and doesn't fit under "damage dealer" "tank" or "support". While you consider him a support, I personally play him as a high mobility assassin. Using his mount and portal to get behind teams and assassinate weaker members. With the W I can block damage and avoid being ganked by being impossible to kill for a short period of time. If Medivh was a support, then when you were randomly matched with teammates, you wouldn't get a healer because the support slot is taken up by someone who can only midigate damage on 1 person every 4 seconds. And finally. If you don't play to his strengths, then your team will be much weaker. Similar to Abby and TLV you need to be aware that they are on your team and modify your playstyle as well. Supports don't do that. At least not to the degree that specialists ask you to change.

  • Holden Schimmel Reply

    I was 8-0 in placements and got a silenced player who waited to the last second to pick, then went afk and never came back at the start of the game. Then got another guy who decided to pick abathur into an awful matchup on sky temple, and spent the entire game arguing with our thrall, resulting in thrall being late on every rotation/objective because of typing. Then I got a guy who said everyone is "going to be silver league tomorrow anyway" so he picked TLV and spent the entire game trying to surround/body block another teammate he decided to argue with in the draft lobby. I think he had ~9k total damage done at the end of the 9 minute game. All of this was at ~3200 mmr with mostly rank 1 players. Still ended placement 14-6 at rank 6 and got my mounts, but the suffer was real.

  • Hilda Emard Reply

    [Summary of the video](

  • Mariam Rogahn Reply

    That would be... so spectacular. I wonder what it would actually look like in practice. Like, you don't even need to get their whole team. If you get four and leave stitches with a bodyguard, you're good to go. Even if you only get three, if you can kill the other two with your other four, you've got the run of the place until they respawn - and can easily keep it going after. I think the dream team for this is Stitches, Medivh, and TLV. Because you could just leave Olaf to body block and only be down 1/3 of a hero. NO WAIT. Zagara's Nydus would block them, right? You could have them perma-trapped without even needing to leave a hero behind!

  • Summer Little Reply

    >The dream of some kind of mass consumer adoption fizzled, which was a large part of what got posted there. The price has been mostly boring lately which was another large part of what got posted there. This is the spot on. They all thought MOON was coming at the block halving because Reasons. All they talk about is price and Bitfenix kinda shit on their blockhalving wounds

  • Lewis Von Reply

    [Here]( is a great summary about onecoin. Lots of information about the leaders and whatnot. Sorry to say that, but your relatives are either scammers themselves or foolish. > 20 Dollar floor!!!

  • Wilma Gusikowski Reply

    **Author**: _lzys_ **Content**: >Was really great party for the halving in Tel Aviv. I suspect it was one of the best in the world. >Link - > []( >PS - Upvote on steemit, thx! [https:[email protected]/block-halving-party-tlv-7-7-2016](https:[email protected]/block-halving-party-tlv-7-7-2016)

  • Isaias Schuster Reply

    It's just not true... TLV takes map awareness but rexxar actually needs Misha to be microd and repositioned constantly during team fights to body block, block skill shots, and get off meaningful stuns, while at the same time kiting with rexxar and usually focusing a different target than Misha TLV are more strategic and about staying one step ahead, while rexxar is about playing two roles at once

  • Nathanial Schamberger Reply

    I last too long as is with head. At most points I just want to cum but oh no, just more pleasure but no release. See, BAM cum in a few minutes.

  • Maurine Balistreri Reply


  • Alfonso Bednar Reply

    Why? Because half the coins per day? Don't you know the blockhalving will make the price go to MOON (ie >>2x)?

  • Emmet Kihn Reply

    I think after the block reward halving the price will remain fairly steady

  • Demetrius Blanda Reply

    When you send bitcoin your transaction will have a confirmation number in the summary, once it has 4 or more you can verify. I use blockchain, may be different for others.

  • Thea Emard Reply

    Last night for the men's events, all of the streams that were online were at least 3 hours long. Some 4.

  • Carolyn Larson Reply

    It's like 2.5 months of block rewards. Consider the halving delayed.

  • Dawson Moen Reply

    Shouldn't it be "3 day picnic at Silicon Valley with Bitcoin miners has ended. Picnic summary to inform us the date of next picnic to be released shortly."

  • Gracie Lind Reply

    she better go to the blockhalving party, they would be a cute couple

  • Boris Swaniawski Reply

    Wouldn't last long at my alma mater...

  • Andre Leffler Reply

    As promised, we took a chain of blocks, and halved the **** out of them! Stay tuned for videos of the halving ceremony and more highlights from the awesome block [halving] party TLV 2016.

  • Louvenia Prohaska Reply

    Lol crazy. The same 2 spawned at Long Beach Pier last night as well...

  • Nels McKenzie Reply

    Summary clip of the whole party is now live!

  • Amie Kris Reply

    Tlv are regular sized peeps. They are made small in game because otherwise they could body block you in spot in the middle of a lane

  • Freeman Leuschke Reply

  • Megane Murphy Reply

    Good summary of the pro-bitcoin thinking. Thanks.