Central Powers vs Bitcoin

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Comments (119)

  • Marilou Kirlin Reply

    We would ask be better off if the central powers had won.

  • Dawson Blick Reply

    Huh what are you talking about? The ottomans joined the central powers. They lost the war(WW1)

  • Aiyana Lebsack Reply

    i want war story from the central powers.....fukking entante

  • Reymundo O'Hara Reply

    I know right? Those damn 1917 Germans and their ghetto ways. They must be stopped, as well as those damn Central powers.

  • Kristopher Wintheiser Reply

    Unless you count pretty much any other wealthy, industrialized nation that wasn't part of the central powers.

  • Michaela Little Reply

    It's WW1 not WW2; the central powers weren't fascists they were basically just Monarchs.

  • Mavis Ullrich Reply

    The fact that the British probably sacrificed more blood and treasure to rid France of the Central Powers is ironic.

  • Reese Medhurst Reply

    I have high hopes that the reason we don't have central powers in the campaign is because it's coming in DLC expansions.

  • Fern Bashirian Reply

    This was made after the fall of the Berlin Wall and trusting former powers was central to the events of the day.

  • Fleta Cremin Reply

    I've seen one where the central powers win WW1 but I don't know where I found it. If I can, I'll post it

  • Ima Cartwright Reply

    The Allied powers fought the central powers, so yes their were Allies in WWI.

  • Devin Effertz Reply

    I'd like to see a story DLC from the Central Powers perspective.

  • Yvonne Kertzmann Reply

    Central powers would have got a less humiliating deal and hitler wouldn't happen

  • Jacques Kling Reply

    No, because the triple alliance was the central powers.

  • Emmalee Weimann Reply

    Ign: Countered Age: 18 TimeZone: Central Past factions: a lot of good powers. Rank?: yeah

  • Angie Harris Reply

    Central Powers

  • Judd Heidenreich Reply

    The only reason the central powers lost was because USA joined not that Muslims fought for the UK.

  • Leila Ernser Reply

    Czechoslovak Legion vs the Central Powers and Bolsheviks

  • Myron Schimmel Reply

    Ww1 bad guys were Central powers

  • Roy Kohler Reply

    It disappoints me that the game has no central powers campaigns, it's not like they were actually evil

  • Schuyler Von Reply

    Bulgaria as well if you're looking for something to do with the Central Powers.

  • Janice Hartmann Reply

    Same with two Lugers if you're Central Powers.

  • Maegan Ondricka Reply

    The greater ability it had to beat back the Central Powers during the war.

  • Freida Schaefer Reply

    You don't play as ANY of the central powers in the war stories.

  • Mike Huels Reply

    It just means that the Central Powers have taken over. ;)

  • Connor Schimmel Reply

    I wouldn't say "bad guys" be the central powers are certainly the aggressors

  • Ellsworth Reilly Reply

    The USA also sold weapons to the central powers though, not just the Allies?

  • Akeem Purdy Reply

    And, for some reason, there arent any central powers protagonists.

  • Brain Pollich Reply

    I think you mean the central powers, not the triple entente.

  • Morton Gulgowski Reply

    Gotham Central, Black Magick, Suicide Risk, Powers.

  • Harry Kris Reply

    there's central powers and allies

  • Elisha Leannon Reply

    Central powers is so much better than middle powers.

  • Christ Koelpin Reply

    Mars was in the Central Powers. Duh.

  • Drake Boehm Reply

    tecnically, the central powers betrayed us before world war 1.

  • Kobe Hamill Reply

    I wouldn't mind a Central Powers DLC with maybe a Germany and AH war story in it

  • Emory DuBuque Reply

    This is horrible... how could they not put ANY of the central powers?

  • Candida Purdy Reply

    he flew for the central powers judging by his name (Van is Dutch)

  • Aleen Gusikowski Reply

    The Entente were the Allies. The Central Powers were "Axis"

  • Rosanna Koelpin Reply

    Sometimes i am up that late, but i tend to play Central Powers. I'll hit you up sometime though if i find myself up at that time.

  • Andreanne Hackett Reply

    Doesnt matter, once Axis, always Axis. Central Axis Powers [](/techiesface)

  • Jasper Zboncak Reply

    No Central Powers Characters?

  • Regan Blanda Reply

    No central powers? Sad!

  • Jeramy Jast Reply

    First, the CSA joined the Allies. The USA joined the Central Powers. Second, the CSA and Allies lost, the Central Powers and USA won.

  • Bartholome Romaguera Reply

    Ah. That does make more sense. ...Why did the USA join the Central Powers?

  • Bradford Swift Reply

    [M] Do you plan on joining Central Powers?

  • Jarrell Parisian Reply

    We have bitcoin already as an alternative to central powers.

  • Horacio Okuneva Reply

    Central Powers lol

  • Patience Bayer Reply

    I'd get America to join the Central Powers in WW1. No Versailles, so the Nazis can't get angry at it and become Nazis. We also might see them invading Japan (they were on the Allied side) and preventing all the things they did in WW2.

  • Glenna Homenick Reply

    Yea I can't comprehend why nobody is interested in starting a ground war and occupation in a landlocked Central African country... cause forced occupation of 3rd world countries have gone so well for western powers in recent history.

  • Alva Pollich Reply

    They were called the Central Powers. The Allied Forces were originally comprised of European countries until other countries such as Japan and the US joined later.

  • Camryn Ortiz Reply

    The German Reich fell in 1918 following the Central Powers defeat in WW1, so they held no territory in WW2.

  • Katrine Hudson Reply

    wasn't it Triple Entente vs Triple Alliance, which later became Allied vs Central Powers, when more countries joined?

  • Mohammad Labadie Reply

    Just a side note, it was the Central Powers vs. The Entente, not Axis vs Allies.

  • Estella McKenzie Reply

    The Ottoman Empire existed for 600-700 years, and was on the side of Austria-Hungary and the Germans in WW1. After the central powers lost WW1, the Ottomans were split up into turkey and the middle day Middle East countries.

  • Justine Kuhlman Reply

    32 male Central Florida. My favorite season is Coven, and then Hotel. LOVE AHS and this Sub! Here's to hoping our Cult/Village have some supernatural super powers to tie into Coven... and one kick ass scary forest!!

  • Geovanni Daniel Reply

    Obviously. The gods and the powers therein implied, call for us to purge the country of its individualistic nonsense. We must have a strong, central, system to unite this divided continent.

  • Chance Schulist Reply

    Wasn't really an attitude unique to the Pennsylvania Dutch there were a lot of people who said that the central powers were who we should have fought for, especially before Lusitania

  • Cecil Brakus Reply

    Italy would join the central powers, the US would sell weapons and raw materials to Germany, and France and Russia would get crushed.

  • Gussie Medhurst Reply

    How soon after did the Central Powers begin using tanks?

  • Christina Bechtelar Reply

    What's that supposed to mean? You know it was more than just Germany in the Central Powers right? Do you not even remember Archduke Franz Ferdinand and how the war started?

  • Cleta Runte Reply

    Well, I am in Ft. Worth, Texas, so I guess all ghe major oil fields in this region. Also, all of the major tactics and plans of the Central Powers of WWI, and of the Axis Powers of WWII.

  • Nasir Kertzmann Reply

    To follow this up, did the Central Powers ever make any serious attempts to court the United States?

  • Idella Reichert Reply

    Strategy guides, all information on the Central Powers and the Entente. The war was winnable for Austria-Hungary.

  • Camila Wehner Reply

    Nope. The place where I am was on the Central Powers side.

  • Dixie Koelpin Reply

    There is one planes for the entente and on for the central powers for each class. If you play with the allies you have a sopwith camel, not a fokker.

  • Anabel Schaden Reply

    the axis were an alliance in World War Two. The alliance the german reich was part of in World War 1 was called "the central powers" (german: Mittelmächte).

  • Hillard Boyle Reply

    Makes sense considering the Central Powers were responsible for at least doubling the size of the war.

  • Ada Waelchi Reply

    Grabbing land didn't beat the central powers. Complete war exhaustion from loss of life did them in. Conquest should represent both as a factor...

  • Easton Crona Reply

    Central powers did end up winning this game though, or at least retaking their one trench in vosges. I thought it was a fun match.

  • Jed Cremin Reply

    > Axis Wrong war m8, that would be central powers/allies

  • Enrique Mraz Reply

    Central City a little before the particle accelerator comes on so I could potentially be a super hero and have powers.

  • Kristy Zulauf Reply

    > Those Central Powers are essentially Switzerland, Belgium, & Luxembourg (and so on). This is a lie.

  • Mandy Howe Reply

    Replace Hitler with maybe Kaiser Wilhelm II, and the Axis Powers with the Central Powers. This is WWI not II

  • Genevieve Daniel Reply

    The central powers had them but didn't use them much, Britain and France used them a decent amount

  • Felton Beatty Reply

    Japan was at war with the Central Powers at this point

  • Glennie Volkman Reply

    Central Powers then, Axis is more of a WWII usage.

  • Bret Deckow Reply

    Central Powers

  • Carmine Fahey Reply

    Italy sided with the Entente alliance, not the central powers in WW1

  • Felipa Hegmann Reply

    Keep in mind that the US defeated Britain in the 18th century, Spain in the 19th century, the Central Powers in the early 20th century, and the Axis Powers in the mid 20th century.

  • Clifton Price Reply

    Well to be most accurate it was central power and entente powers but I just went with axis and allies because it's more or less the same people and everyone knows who they are.

  • Chandler Toy Reply

    Not axis, central powers.

  • Richard Green Reply

    > Social cohesion continues to break down amongst the losing Central Powers (chiefly Russia >They're between France and Russia wat

  • Agustin Pfeffer Reply

    It seems odd that the Central Powers would still be called such even when they weren't Central.

  • Caleb Stiedemann Reply

    I hope we play as both sides of the war or more like that there's even one German/Austro-Hungarian/Ottoman Empire PC in the campaign and it's not all heroic allies beating down the evil central powers.

  • Jorge Kulas Reply

    Also, they could have easily made peace with Germany much earlier but refused because they wanted total victory so they could carve up the central powers' territory for themselves.

  • Danika Corwin Reply

    Imperial Germany and Austria-Hungary were "centrist", apparently. Either that, or they are refusing to accept that the Central Powers started the war, which is even worse.

  • Delfina Hayes Reply

    Thank you! The perspective of the central powers is something I've never really read about so I'm looking forward to that one! And I may be using the non-book sources for my commute!

  • Cecelia Herzog Reply

    So were the central powers losing ground everywhere by this point, or is this mostly propaganda?

  • Tre Denesik Reply

    WW1 definitely the Central Powers Clan stood no chance against the Entente. The admins had to sort out in a patch called the Treaty of Versailles. Which nerfed the CPs and destroyed the Austria Hungary faction. A bug in the patch led to Germany actually getting stronger rather than weaker.

  • Alvena Terry Reply

    IGN: THORIFY Age:16 PvP:8.5 Past Facs: Aloha, VirginGang, Europe, RiceGum, Tropical, Sentinel, Potted, QDGang, Omni a couple less known powers and a lot of small factions obviously. TimeZone: Central Teamfight video: COMING SOON I'll record my next teamfight.

  • Waylon Bruen Reply

    I think (I THINK) he's trying to say that the smaller factions within the central tradelands are some kind of shadow to the 3 world powers. That, whatever happens in the central tradelands, happens with the 3 powers.

  • Judy Conroy Reply

    You initial statement is still wrong. They weren't part of the central powers for the purpose of ww1 and were in fact with allies. "We" didn't have them during ww1 at all.

  • Jaqueline Langworth Reply

    Historians argue that WW2 would happened no matter what, it was sure when they forced the Central Powers to sign the humiliating peace treaties.

  • Rosetta Lockman Reply

    Please dont make the central powers evil.

  • Kale Adams Reply

    The Ottomans, Armenians and Central Powers had a very complex history intertwined with WWI. ISIS is not even 5 years old.

  • Arno Larson Reply

    Axis was WWII. In WWI, it was the Central Powers.

  • Serena Dietrich Reply

    No need - I'm in Lumiose Central Plaza and I have maxed O-Powers on my X file.

  • Trinity Schaefer Reply

    Dr Alchemy. He has nigh limitless matter control powers, and he's stuck robbing banks in Central City

  • Cordelia Considine Reply

    Guess who's back Back again The Central Powers are back tell a friend

  • Reina Schroeder Reply

    Even if the central powers would have had 5 years to do that in greece? i remember why i disliked the Brazil hue joke.

  • German Schmidt Reply

    This. Canadians and Australians were the guys the Central Powers did not want to fight.

  • Hortense Schroeder Reply

    That is why many historians think the Central Powers were the good guys in WWI.

  • Audreanne Green Reply

    I wasn't able to watch. How was Powers deep and Gashi central?

  • Bradford Kulas Reply

    New Central Powers more like it.

  • Hope Schuster Reply

    God damn central powers

  • Fatima Sauer Reply

    Well, not Axis, Central powers.

  • Dessie Braun Reply

    Yes there is, your ideal by nature requires a state in order to function. In order for you to enforce no property, no money trade, you would need a central governing body with tyrannically strong powers to keep the populace in line.

  • Junius Crooks Reply

    I kinda think maybe instead of making several different classes of tank, instead they could have possibly given the Allies their tanks but fewer of them, and give the Central powers just armored cars, but more of them perhaps?

  • Ally Bernier Reply

    Look back father to WWI. Had the US not jumped in at the end the western front would have very realistically fallen to the central powers meaning WWII would have been a very different situation if it had happened at all.

  • Boyd Wisoky Reply

    "Roach is rated a composite three-star cornerback according to 247Sports rating system. He lists offers from SEC powers Auburn and LSU as well as offers from Illinois as well as Temple and Central Florida."

  • Kali Strosin Reply

    Where would this make sense in WWI though, like yeah in BF4 with US vs China vs Russia it could make some sense, but in WWI where it was the allied powers vs the central powers? Whats the third faction?

  • Kennedy Parisian Reply

    Also, Russia wasn't really involved in the Western Front, that was the Eastern Front... in which case, you need to include Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire on the Central Powers side.

  • Garland Hansen Reply

    More like should have not told Mexico they would help them take back California from us if they helped the Central Powers with the war effort.

  • Caleb Upton Reply

    I'm tripping lol. I meant the landship equivalent for the central powers.

  • Quentin Kirlin Reply

    Authoritarianism: strong central powers and limited political freedom. Hmm, that sounds oddly familiar.

  • Onie Wiza Reply

    The victors: The Allied Powers The losers: The Central Powers The Axis Powers didn't exist until World War Two.

  • Jose Hartmann Reply

    Fought on the side of the Central Powers in WWI

  • Gerald Zulauf Reply

    More specifically the central powers.

  • Newton Schuster Reply

    Central Word Powers give triple points.