Coinscrum - charles hoskinson on Blockchain 3.0

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  • Charles Hoskinson describes Dash perfectly as a 3.0 cryptocurrency without mentioning Dash. Well worth the watch!
  • Charles Hoskinson at Coinscrum on Third Generation Blockchains
  • Coinscrum - charles hoskinson on Blockchain 3.0

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  • Karlie Shields Reply

    Exact same boat....3 hours 0 confirmations. Know its all good and blockchain is just going slow but damn its irritating. Hurry up 'n wait as they say.

  • Jayden Gutmann Reply

    Well, Dash is already capable of 4 X the scale of Bitcoin. They voted in a block size increase in less than 24 hrs. What's it been? 3 years for Bitcoin and still no decision? Besides, according to Charles Hoskinson, Dash is already a 'Bitcoin 3.0' currency. [Source.]( So, I the last part where you say *'it will become clearer ... that Bitcoin is better.'* is not true at all. **Quite the opposite actually.**

  • Chester Grady Reply

    Thanks the coinscrum was total fun yesterday

  • Wilmer Haag Reply

    > Onecoin has no blockchain They should've done a 100% premine, to be 100% legit.

  • Kaitlyn McKenzie Reply

    It's these type of innovations that Ethereum will need to stay relevant as blockchain 3.0 innovations like Tauchain, Tezos, Synereo and Cosmos come online

  • Jerad Nader Reply

    1. Did Charles Hoskinson say that Dash is better than Bitcoin? Source please. (I doubt it, so you are basically chatting shit) 2. 3. I editted my comment right away, way before you responded. What you said was flat out misleading. There is no way Dash is anywhere near Bitcoins security. Even the fact that Dash is building on top of Bitcoin is too problematic. Some Bitcoin upgrade might create problems to what Dash has implemented.

  • Lilly Glover Reply

    Apparently OneCoins is being traded on 1) The exchange is not operating since 2015. It has no news whatsoever. 2) The FAQ is blatantly copied from bitstamp. Read the section "DID YOU LOSE MY BITCOINS?". Apart from that, just spending 10minutes on Ruja's background brought up stories of shady business in Germany. Google "waltenhofen ruja ignatova".

  • Olaf Stracke Reply

    It's a scam. [Here's a few good in-depth articles on it](

  • Elias Carroll Reply

    I can see the OneCoin marketers spinning this as "These Bitcoin users see OneCoin as a threat! They know it is so much better than Bitcoin and Bitcoin has a $10 billion market cap!" Then they'll announce a new development of now creating 10 trillion onecoins per minute.

  • Nathaniel Torphy Reply

    1. Execute the 0.01% and their cronies 2. Create a transparent framework using blockchain tech 3. Abandon fiat money completely

  • Nigel Langosh Reply

    Great - now Charles Hoskinson is trying to glom on to ETC and destroy it.

  • Shanny Turcotte Reply

    Ok thanks. I was using v.1.3.0. I have now let the blockchain resync (without using parity) with Wallet v0.8.4 and it is back to normal.

  • Aurore Stamm Reply

    It's a well known AND documented fact that ethereum is a Jewish conspiracy. mainly to create a kosher blockchain for internet 3.0

  • Mateo Parisian Reply

    Any financial instrument that includes a mechanism of which a owner is restricted from selling the product over an open market is a scam period (with the exception of contractual lock in periods of preferential shares or strike dates for options and futures). Onecoin is a clear Ponzi based on this alone.

  • Dee Murazik Reply

    Same guy who came up with Ethereum, right? Charles Hoskinson. Looks very heavily premined, even more than Eth, judging from market cap increase vs. volume. Probably means the market cap is extremely inflated. But hey, altcoins gotta be showy to stand out from the crowd.

  • Amparo Leannon Reply

    In this event they released a 'new "blockchain"' so the total supply went from 2,1 billion coins to... 210billion or something. With this change every who had OneCoins got their coins doubled.

  • Owen VonRueden Reply

    Then you have the money in Onecoins database but you can't withdraw it (look at the post above, you can't transfer the money to your bank account)

  • Kendra Rohan Reply

    Onecoin is a scam founded by scammers. For proof check out my research report HERE:

  • Charles Rath Reply

    Do NOT spend anything on onecoin. It's NOT a cryptocurrency its 100% ponzi and scam. There are tons of info on the net about it already...

  • Isabella Bauch Reply

    This photo was taken at a Coinscrum event in London - hosting /u/andreasma July 2015 Shirt design by Lee @ForkThe Banks

  • Helen Quitzon Reply

    Not a cultist, he sent a message to have a bus waiting outside of the Coinscrum venue at 19.15. The speaker at Coinscrum starts at 19.30. That's plain rude.

  • Rickie Friesen Reply

    I don't care how smart you are, being that publicly arrogant I could never support him or any of his projects. BTW, Charles Hoskinson was pushed out of Ethereum for having some pretty greedy views on how Ethereum should progress. This guy is the definition of toxic.

  • Mike Johns Reply

    > Stop making false claims and making up things that others haven't said. I did not do this. > You claimed that I called Hoskinson a lunatic, because what you think that what he described as Bitcoin 3.0 is Dash. The video I provided clearly proves that what Charles described as Bitcoin 3.0 is Dash. So, until you find fault in that, my logic is correct, and yours is wrong.

  • Aniya Nienow Reply

    Everything seems bigger than reality with Charles Hoskinson

  • Alba Zemlak Reply

    Have a chat to Jeff Bradtke.

  • Ressie Frami Reply

    oooooo. oooo also ask him if hes buying onecoins, with all the other shitcooins he collectihg

  • Felicita Morar Reply

    This post reeks of butthurt. For those who aren't aware, Charles Hoskinson wanted ethereum to be for-profit. That's what the major disagreement was which led to him leaving the project. Good riddance, maybe he'll be useful to ETC at least lol.

  • Selmer Rutherford Reply

    Charles Hoskinson is a disaster for ETC. please go back to Lisk.

  • Edyth McDermott Reply

    > Charles Hoskinson Certainly gets arround.

  • Kiarra Effertz Reply

    > a collection of people involved who left Ethereum in the early days Example: Charles Hoskinson >or never had anything good to say about Ethereum until ETC was listed on Polo? Examples: Barry Silber, Daniel Krawisz

  • Jerad Schulist Reply

    There are places like where you can find communities to meet people IRL, my local one is Coinscrum in London

  • Madison Weber Reply

    It comes down to this: Onecoins are not transferable via a cryptographic signature. They are therefore not crypto currency.

  • Willa Feeney Reply

    It's a scam alright, but for the novice, here is how you can tell. It's not a crypto currency. Crypto currency by definition, is treqnsfrable from one owner to the next via a cryptographic signature. Onecoin uses accounts. It's being completely dishonest by using the term cryptocurrency.

  • Dwight Pacocha Reply

    ROFL! [Meanwhile at Onecoin headquarters the blockchain is being mined] (

  • Consuelo Lind Reply

    > a collection of people involved who left Ethereum in the early days Example: Charles Hoskinson >or never had anything good to say about Ethereum until ETC was listed on Polo? Examples: Barry Silber, Daniel Krawisz

  • Ivy Corkery Reply

    OneCoin is a Ponzi scheme - it is nothing but a sophisticated scam. The funny part is OneCoin is not a crypto currency at all.

  • Emmy Smith Reply

    Great Coinscrum last night, also had a great presentation by Jerome from Mycelium.

  • Ozella Lubowitz Reply

    bro what are you doing? get some onecoins.

  • Obie Heathcote Reply


  • Piper Stokes Reply

    "on-blockchain governance" will lead us to what some call "blokchain 3.0". This offers a possible solution to the governance problems we see with current blockchains. Also this promises bug free smart-contracts, so no more DAO-like trouble. First Tezos is up, and then (possibly even better but needs more time) tau-chain

  • Ethel Weissnat Reply

    Obvious scam is obvious. Onecoin has no value proposition to further blockchain tech. Blatant ponzi.

  • Audreanne Daniel Reply

    There's no onecoin blockchain and no exchanges accept it. It's just a number in a closed database.

  • Quinton McCullough Reply

    Svante Lehtinen sat down with Bitcoinist to talk about the proposed HEAT ledger. Billed as a ‘blockchain 3.0 technology,’ The project claims to improve upon current blockchain technologies by dramatically improving transaction speeds through a synthesis of proof-of-stake and proof-of-work.

  • Mabel Dicki Reply

    You give Onecoin too much credit, it's not even an altcoin, AFAIK it doesn't even run on a blockchain.

  • Helen Corwin Reply

    Charles Hoskinson is a Grade A Guy Add another sniper to Team ETC

  • Ellen Bergstrom Reply

    I been doing it that way for 3 years with 0 sign of anyone snooping on me. I literally get money from blockchain through refunding send to AB spend it on drugs wait 2 days voilla I just stick to domestic and everything works out fine bro :)

  • Immanuel Conroy Reply

    Does anyone know where the Onecoin blockchain is? What *is* it? What mining algo is it?

  • Colin Fadel Reply

    >> One coin is claiming to be an improvement on bitcoin > So is every alt-coin: litecoin, ethereum, dogecoin, ... Those altcoins each have their protocol, a blockchain, software and you can trade them on various exchanges. Onecoins has nothing of these, there is only a web shop were you can buy "packages" from this company.

  • Watson Bins Reply

    I, for one, finish what I start, of course the plan for ethereum has like 5 hard forks to be complete and splitting like Charles Hoskinson is just stupid and hinders the development and good appreciation of the technology...

  • Ewald Brown Reply

    I am extremely glad Steemit is on its own blockchain. It has 0 fee's and confirmed transaction rate of less than 3 seconds. Afaik it is also much more secure than any app running on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Felix Goldner Reply

    Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson on ETC, "With all due respect to the developers, they're coming. I'm hiring 3 full-time developers myself and I have many cryptographers and good developers working for me. Take a look at our github repo, look at score-x, look at our implementation, and Haskell. We will have developers within our space very soon. We already have a lot of volunteer developers within our slack; there's 500 people in the slack and it's grown like wildfire. And a lot of people who are entering Ethereum Classic are coming actually from the Bitcoin space or other altcoins."   Timestamp for the comment:

  • Michelle Zieme Reply

    >But there are only ~1.3 million addresses in the blockchain that have more than 0.1 BTC in them... 0.1 BTC is more money than a billion people in the world have in fiat at their disposal.

  • Lemuel Lockman Reply

    I mean the education that the Onecoin Academy offers to learn about blockchain technology.

  • Donald Jakubowski Reply

    I thought web 2.0 was the second generation of the Internet And then mobile is 3.0 or something, maybe blockchain eventually will be 4.0?

  • Jerod Walker Reply

    I believe people are paying for IOU tokens which will be traded in for Onecoins during the final phase of this scam Its similar to how Bitshares opened with Protoshares (the mined coin) which later converted in to Bitshares - though IMO they thought it would be a legit coin. IMO the Onecoin people have no intention of trying to make it work.

  • Ulises Barton Reply

    Coinscrum has this one:

  • Antonette Koss Reply

    Ill be at Coinscrum in London on Tuesday for a halving party, come join us, details on

  • Katelin Harber Reply

    Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson on ETC, "With all due respect to the developers, they're coming. I'm hiring 3 full-time developers myself and I have many cryptographers and good developers working for me. Take a look at our github repo, look at score-x, look at our implementation, and Haskell. We will have developers within our space very soon. We already have a lot of volunteer developers within our slack; there's 500 people in the slack and it's grown like wildfire. And a lot of people who are entering Ethereum Classic are coming actually from the Bitcoin space or other altcoins." Timestamp for the comment:

  • Alphonso Torp Reply

    Crowd sale ? They mean ICO or rather IT*O (* Token) ? 808,720,000 OneCoins already (pre?) Mined ? They have an academy and sell educational packages about the coin and you become part of the OneLife Network, and NO whitepaper, no visible blockchain... WOW... Sounds "promising" indeed... **NOT** !

  • Stanton Kohler Reply

    Onecoin!! That is a known ponzi scam. This guy is clueless.

  • Lucy Kshlerin Reply

    You need to [watch this video]( where Charles Hoskinson (Co-Founder of Ethereum and BitShares) defines what Bitcoin 3.0 is ..... and Amanda points out that is where Dash is NOW!

  • Kristoffer Schoen Reply

    Incredible! This must be the most innovating feature developed in crypto, ever. A website that displays information about a blockchain! Goodbye crypto 2.0, hello crypto 3.0!!!

  • Imelda Aufderhar Reply

    >[**Mark Bradtke 3 Point Buzzer Beater 3/4 Time vs Suns 98 [0:37]**]( > [*^Melbourne ^Tigers ^Historical ^Page ^melbtigershp*]( ^in ^Sports >*^63 ^views ^since ^Jul ^2016* [^bot ^info](

  • Piper Crona Reply

    So i've just deposited a small amount (0.002btc), and it's got 3 confirmations on the blockchain - yet it's still not showing in my account. Can I assume this is a scam site?

  • Simone Kassulke Reply

    > straight to a college Straight to college. NBL has been hideously mismanaged. It was absolutely incredible back in the day with the likes of David Simmons, Warwick Giddey, Nigel Purchase, Lanard Copeland, Mark Bradtke and Sir Gaze filling Rod Laver Arena.

  • Madisen Franecki Reply

    Dash is Bitcoin 3.0 based on the definition from Charles Hoskinson.

  • Stan Sanford Reply

    We've had 3 South Aussies (Ingles, Bradtke and Schenser) in the NBA which is pretty good for our size. But yeah my favourite player is a Melbournian. Go Exum!

  • Tianna Schuster Reply

    They have a blockchain. Onecoin has a .gif

  • Dean Bode Reply

    rsvp [free]

  • Gregg Reinger Reply

    I've asked Charles Hoskinson, Ethereum founder, about it since he was following them on Twitter. He seems to know Jawad, the guy behind it. The price increase is something you see in many crowdsales.

  • Tia Hagenes Reply

    **TLDR: Just click on the BCT threads (#2) from the AurumCoin people stating they have no affiliation with OneCoin/OneLife. Ken Labine is delusional as usual.** >In the video however Labine claims that OneCoin/OneLife owns a different company - Aurum Coin Ltd, and that OneCoin/OneLife is connected to AurumCoin - One World One Coin by Aurum Coin Ltd. This is totally False. >Labine also claims in the video that OneCoin tries to trademark "One World One Coin" (video at 4 minute position forward). This is also totally false information, as OneCoin has nothing to do with Aurum Coin Ltd in reality. So, in practise his whole video is based on this lie. >Actually, Aurum Coin Ltd's "AurumCoin - One World One Coin" totally separates itself from OneCoin/OneLife in their facebook post here: I can't see the FB post/pic. **What I did instead is just go to the source threads of AurumCoin**. *I do suggest people look at the rest of the information in the post as well though.* [1: AU coin old BCT thread]( In that thread. [Only one user mentioned a querry about AU coin bonus with joining OneCoin](;topicseen#msg11042889). It was not confirmed or denied. [2: AU coin new BCT thread]( Same questions eventually appeared in the new thread. [User AUKING uses the same behindmlm link as Ken]( **Stating: " is not a scam like aurumcoin is not a scam.they were very genres with they offer and brought back more than 10,000 au 1/30 of all the existing coins!! they could steal but they are honest, they do not need our coin. you can see it in the blockchain thats the first proof they where here long time before our coin and have all the domains onecoin is a scam and called their coin: aurum gold coins and nor aurumcoin here is the second proof this are different companies and aurum coin inc is the owner of trademark "one world one coin" and not onecoin".** *Opinion* At 4:29 of Ken's video we hear an ecstatic claim of why would a company out to scam people attempt to trade mark themselves? A couple have but a notable and recent example of this is GAW/Paycoin. Which is currently under a federal lawsuit for all the right reasons that OneCoin/OneLifer is attempting as well. *Trademarks do not equal legitimacy.* **PS special thanks to not only other users locking in on this global MLM but also to /u/TimTayshun (Tim) who actively engage nutcases like Ken.** *Hey Tim, after wading through other cult-coins like this. My opinion of Ken is that he knows full well of what he's doing, I've experienced people like him with the same mannerisms, scripts, and fuzzy logic. He fully ignores reality and the blatant arrest records of a lot of the OneCoine/Onelife promoters. If you ever need a sanity check you can always PM me to review what you find, as I do time to time with others :)*

  • Alverta Harvey Reply

    Mark Bradtke played there briefly as well in the 90's

  • Augustine Osinski Reply

    You don't even know Charles Hoskinson's name?

  • Baron Durgan Reply

    Onecoin has no blockchain. When it implodes people will see bitcoin in the same light.

  • Maye Pfannerstill Reply

    > I think they're promising to "double" your money every 6 months or so. The idea is that they "split" your Onecoins, giving you double the Onecoin but without decreasing their value.

  • Natalia D'Amore Reply

    I'm glad to know the answer to this as I was astonished that he could describe Dash so clearly without actually naming it. If someone who has educated himself as much about cryptocurrencies as Charles Hoskinson did not realise how much Dash has evolved, it would stand to reason that the vast majority of /r/btc doesn't either (/r/Bitcoin goes without comment). I have this sense that one day in the not too distant future, a lot of Bitcoiners are going to wake up shocked that Dash has appeared "out of nowhere", having in fact spent several years quietly perfecting itself. If things continue in their current directions, at least.

  • Damon Pfeffer Reply

    Interesting. What kind of lies are they spreading about OneCoin? In what ways are OneCoins superior to Bitcoins? Total noob here.

  • Rachel Raynor Reply

    Their blockchain will have as much mining as Onecoin's.

  • Palma Smith Reply

    You cant exhange nothing on that site. It's owned by onecoin and they say that you can check the value of this shitcoin on this page. On a recent interview the owner, "dr" ruja ignatova, said that the value comes from their electric and isp bill. Some one in murobbs (finnish computer forum where there is a 400 page discussion of this scam) that they have an electric bill of some 200+ nuclear power plants worth of electricity. I guess their mining difficulty is really high ;)

  • Russel Torphy Reply

    free rsvp:

  • Eulah Jacobson Reply

    Charles Hoskinson: "Obviously I left the Ethereum community and I went on to do other things". Just to be clear, this wasn't his choice.

  • Roel Boyle Reply

    guys, you don't even buy onecoins, you buy onecoin education. AHAHAHAHA ! They can't even call it onecoin due to legal purposes :D

  • George Jerde Reply

    > Seriously, ""Bitcoin 3.0"?! Yep. Check out [this article and videos.]( Amanda explains it well. Note sure I understand your 5 points request.

  • Orland Rolfson Reply

    Charles Hoskinson, the inventor of Ethereum.

  • Lilliana Hintz Reply

  • Kenyatta Effertz Reply

    No. His profits come from his extensive MLM downline. He gets real money MLM bonus from the downline and from every new member he is able to recruit. Of course he also gets some OneCoins, but his real income come from the MLM bonuses.

  • Terrill Williamson Reply

    Great job Roman, looking forward to having Roman back in Coinscrum.

  • Aracely Price Reply

    Charles Hoskinson was attacked constantly for opposing the fork.. is he a noob from another subreddit?

  • Rose Gorczany Reply

    I heard Charles Hoskinson is summoned every time you say his name

  • Ethelyn Nienow Reply

    send me an email at [email protected]