Does anyone find it odd that Peter Todd suggested a 'coin vote' for Ethereum's fork debate... but he doesn't suggest the same for Bitcoin's block size? Coin voting is actually working in Dash, as this video illustrates

source: youtube
  • Does anyone find it odd that Peter Todd suggested a 'coin vote' for Ethereum's fork debate... but he doesn't suggest the same for Bitcoin's block size? Coin voting is actually working in Dash, as this video illustrates
  • Remind me again why Peter Todd's suggestion for a 'coin vote' was dismissed? Because coin votes seem to be working Pretty well for DASH
  • Ethereum's Fork & Bitcoin's Block Size: Different Dramas, Same Cause | DASH: Detailed

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  • Niko Goyette Reply

    Flip a coin. Head = down vote.

  • Mable Stroman Reply

    Is Peter Molyneux, Sean Murray and Todd Howard related?

  • Jon Waelchi Reply

    Maybe they already tried what you suggested.

  • Pat Hintz Reply

    Coming from the ever personable Peter Todd. Lawl.

  • Josianne Price Reply

    That is a lot more than the dev video suggested.

  • Irwin Harber Reply

    Is Peter Todd a core dev?

  • Waldo Heller Reply

    Who is Peter Todd? /s

  • Reagan Carter Reply

    Vote u/kiilek, flipped a coin between the two people with votes on them.

  • Mallory Runte Reply

    Peter Todd is easily in my top 5 of favorite people in the space.

  • Amelie McKenzie Reply

    I hope you're the same guy who originally suggested this

  • Ismael Treutel Reply

    Why did Peter Todd want to reduce the utility of bitcoin?

  • Zula Schultz Reply

    seems like peter todd did that gavin ...

  • Odie Ernser Reply

    Someone suggested it so why the hell not, ya know

  • Veda Little Reply

    Peter Todd is ... shall we say he is nobody's hero

  • Roscoe Wolff Reply

    ...which is why I suggested an S7, they don't explode.

  • Tyrel Skiles Reply

    This is far bigger than peter todd ...

  • Eleanore Fisher Reply

    I bet Peter Todd is already on it

  • Trey Abshire Reply

    Heh. I suggested this as a costume idea to somebody on reddit--this is nicely done lol

  • Ferne Metz Reply

    Vote with your money. switch to a different coin.

  • Roxane Rippin Reply

    People = Peter Todd

  • Jana Bergstrom Reply

    People = Peter Todd

  • Melyna Marvin Reply

    It is a federal felony to sell your vote coin.

  • Ford VonRueden Reply

    suggested foul play. lol.

  • Nya Ullrich Reply

    People = Peter Todd

  • Tess Effertz Reply

    So does Peter Todd

  • Flavie Pfeffer Reply

    If your vote is up to a coin flip after all this you've been high for months.

  • Cathy Nader Reply

    Then vote for a new coin, we do have 3rd party candidates on the ballot.

  • Jaclyn Powlowski Reply

    The guy who suggested a drug screening?

  • Janis Wuckert Reply

    Sorry, but I saw mostly the opposite. There were a couple of those accounts, sure, but what I saw was that hard fork opposers that had solid arguments would be vote brigaded out as well. It showed a really ugly side of the Ethereum community, and particularly DAO 'investors'.

  • Fae Tremblay Reply

    Someone suggested "Discovery Day."

  • Vince Adams Reply

    Any suggested books?

  • Alvena Wiza Reply

    No, but I suggested that first.

  • Cathy Kozey Reply

    So you vote randomly? Like, flip a coin?

  • Edna Franecki Reply

    ah, ok. i found this too: >Carbonvote is a poll that weighed user votes by their ether account holdings. Only 5.5% of the total ether holders bothered to vote. A quarter of the DAO-Fork votes came from a single account.

  • Camila Bauch Reply

    I don't think Peter Todd has indicated any disdain for the Feds though...

  • Nikita Kessler Reply

    Only bitcoin and viacoin are kosher enough for Peter Todd.

  • Katheryn Emmerich Reply

    Ask Peter Todd. He had a nice quote about why it is broken

  • Nedra Bruen Reply

    Are you Peter Todd?

  • Graciela Parker Reply

    I've suggested this. Several times.

  • Tyrese Dare Reply

    Sounds bad? Wait until you hear about Bomb 2.0 AKA Vote-a-fork-regularly

  • Leilani Mohr Reply

    Well it's suggested not exact.

  • Celia Johnson Reply

    it is suggested that you DO delete it

  • Filomena Osinski Reply

    Wow, peter todd is making quite an ass of himself.

  • Evangeline Zboncak Reply

    This has nothing to do with Peter Todd.

  • Jay Feil Reply

    Peter Todd strikes again... 😉

  • Fritz Pfannerstill Reply

    Or as some guy in /r/trees suggested before it got deleted, "I'm growing a plant".

  • Matilda Effertz Reply

    Poorly suggested.

  • Ernestina Rempel Reply

    You're completely mistaken. There was a coin vote and a miners vote. They all decided to fork Ethereum. Classic is people who weren't willing to abide with the decision of the Ethereum community. It's also Bitcoiners who want to invest in Ethereum technology but can't abide the Foundation.

  • Everette Hirthe Reply

    Fuck them both. America will never be great left to vote for two sides of the same coin.

  • Robbie Bernhard Reply

    Are you Peter Todd?

  • Jada Armstrong Reply first paragraph How can a company be sure this can't happen to them when it only takes few percent of possible vote to swing the chain for devs to transfer funds between third party contracts.

  • Justice O'Kon Reply

    The low quorum made it such that if **only 20%** of ethereum miners were against a fork and voted so in the pools, the vote would have come out as no fork. Voter participation tends to be lower when it's not a close race. Again, feel free to be mad at the majority, but don't blame the devs.

  • Emerald Parisian Reply

    I've already suggested Baphomet. That didn't go over well, lol.

  • Holden Turner Reply

    So you can look at ethereum tokens the devs can take away from you anytime they want via only 3% of the vote. Hard fork proved ethereum is mutable stoppable meaningless dapp platform that's treated as a personal toy by their leaders rather than a professional platform.

  • Esperanza Rath Reply

    Coming from Peter Todd. That's hilarious.

  • Otis Ernser Reply

    BtcDrak/Peter Todd (Viacoin)?

  • Sheila Konopelski Reply

    Is Todd the new Peter Molyneux

  • Marisol Zulauf Reply

    It's like - trying to figure out who to vote for? Flip a coin! Heads - you lose. Tails - you lose.

  • Theron McGlynn Reply

    I know which one I'll NEVER vote for, but everything else is pretty much a coin toss

  • Krista Padberg Reply

    Peter Todd ^^

  • Otto Little Reply

    Its the people who are buying Ethereum Classic. Big centralized miners voted to fork but now the decentralized people have the power to vote which Ethereum will be used and the ethereum developers will go to which ever side wins.

  • Larue Leffler Reply

    I've covered everything you suggested.

  • Mark Koch Reply

    Flip a coin to go to either page 12 or page 45 for a vote for a 3rd party.

  • Lavern Thiel Reply

    Maybe he suggested it for the preservatives

  • Shannon Mitchell Reply

    Peter Todd is a loser... Wanna be Nick Szabo

  • Rita Corkery Reply

    Is that Trump disguised as Peter Todd?!

  • Jeff McClure Reply

    Didn't they vote some consensus that the 20th of every month with be Official Ethereum Hard Fork Day? Where they'll just roll back the blockchain manually so that everyone gets all their mistaken investments back?

  • Billie Collier Reply

    This gets suggested daily. Stop.

  • Megane Lind Reply

    Peter Todd is a good day late on this one.

  • Makayla Harber Reply

    It was already suggested

  • Estel Herzog Reply

    Everyone gets a "vote coin". You s end it to one address or another. Done. You've voted.

  • Dudley Abshire Reply

    You got that straight. Money talks. The true "coin vote."

  • Katelyn Daugherty Reply

    Okay cool. Now I have to figure out which one of the suggested builds is the best.

  • Dena Crist Reply

    What do you have against Peter Todd?

  • Tito Leffler Reply

    Believe I suggested this before. :/

  • Alessia Bernhard Reply

    Thank you for that. Yes, there is some "vote stuffing" being done on the anti-fork side. Some people seem to have swooped in from Bitcoinland who wouldn't have been involved in Ethereum.

  • Rodrigo Quitzon Reply

    is obviously that hard fork came from minority and has not consensus among all the ethereum ecosystem. Only 10% mining hashpower vote. The most of miner simple ignore the voting.

  • Abraham Flatley Reply

    Peter Todd can fuck right off.

  • Deborah Willms Reply

    hahaha peter todd is a loser

  • Marjory Ziemann Reply

    Really? No one suggested Pokemon Trainers?

  • Elinore O'Connell Reply

    Which is why I vote for none of these clowns on either side of the coin

  • Deborah Wehner Reply

    No answer means yes, like the ethereum hard fork vote.

  • Ignatius Conn Reply

    Down vote, because you requested it and the coin landed on tails.

  • Cordia Medhurst Reply

    Not if 1 person is 25% of the vote: you might want to do some actual research.

  • Ambrose Kub Reply

    Damn suggested titles

  • Jena Pacocha Reply

    Maybe he's making a joke about them saying that 5.5% of Ethereum used to vote for the fork was 'nearly unanimous'.

  • Harry Bosco Reply

    Or a vote for Hillary. Two sides of the same coin.

  • Giovanny Stark Reply

    Lol @ Peter Todd.

  • Alfredo Hettinger Reply

    isn´t that what i just suggested except of the beacon beam

  • Anissa Jacobson Reply

    I think we'd all be better off if we never listened to Peter Todd again.

  • Torey Wilderman Reply

    Have you seen what Peter Todd is working on?

  • Larry Oberbrunner Reply

    :) Vote link !!

  • Sallie Ledner Reply

    Here comes Peter Molyneux 2.0, Todd Howard watch out!

  • Deonte Torphy Reply

    Why don't you ask to ethereum community to vote for a fork to erase the theft of Gatecoin ? It will be better for Ethereum if the community is able to save this gate.

  • Elody Streich Reply

    hard fork always failed without 100% consensus. And in Ethereum situation fork happen with only the 10% vote of mining power

  • Mia Hahn Reply

    Peter Saarsgard and Todd Louiso