#GenerationBlockchain did a snapchat takeover to show off halving parties across the world

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  • #GenerationBlockchain did a snapchat takeover to show off halving parties across the world

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  • Alberto Wilderman Reply

    Danielle at All Things Physician Assistant is a traveling PA! She did a snapchat takeover yesterday on @medtakeovers that was awesome and answered a ton of questions about being a travel PA. Looks pretty cool. She's on here sometimes, and I think the medtakeover videos will be available online soon.

  • Jerrell Muller Reply

    Muzzy! It's Chris from [Hello My Name Is Chuck](https://www.facebook.com/HelloMyNameIsChuck/), you helped pimp us out on Twitter during your EF Snapchat takeover! I'd love to meet you in the Forest and give you one of our pins! What would be the best way to find you???

  • Jules Turner Reply

    There was another orthopedic PA on the medtakeovers snapchat account today. They usually provide contact information towards the end of their takeover. I'd go watch it for valuable insight into the job you potentially want and an opportunity to contact an ortho PA.

  • Lorna Beahan Reply

    Well its pretty much confirmed at this point that is the collab with San Holo, and its confirmed to be released on Monstercat, isn't the Spoiler tag useless in this situation? And **Jauz Snapchat Takeover** would've been a better title.

  • Callie Hintz Reply

    They showed your post on their mCat snapchat takeover today. They said you're getting really good with this.

  • Leora Stroman Reply

    Can we expect a MC snapchat takeover when you arrive? :^)

  • Lilla Hammes Reply

    Scrolling through IG I came across a new page with a bunch of the bikini baristas as on it. It mentioned that it had a snapchat account that girls would be doing takeovers to promote their pages, and premium accounts once it has enough followers. Let's make these accounts famous so we can all see some sexy baristas. The IG name was sexy_baristas_shoutout and the snapchat was sexybaristas Hurry up and follow them!!

  • Bennie Lemke Reply

    The most obvious way that people make money on SnapChat is cross channel promotions, similar to Instagram. People on Instagram get paid for reposting others posts and even for just tagging them in the description. SnapChat is similar but they call them "Takeovers". There is some decent content out there on creative ways to monetize your audience, you just have to do some digging: https://www.semrush.com/blog/make-money-with-snapchat-the-ultimate-guide/

  • Elijah Rodriguez Reply

    Agreed. But I think it's more because pres doesn't know how snapchat works than him being afraid of PMT. Solution is simple though. Let PMT have their snapchat for the long stories that they do (like the crossfit workout) and then reuse short snippets on the barstool snapchat and cross promote. Use the barstool snapchat for takeovers or office shenanigans but leave PMT to weave its own story. I was laughing my ass off at Dave screaming at Hank though

  • Otho Ruecker Reply

    Usually artists that takeover Monstercat's snapchat have a release very soon, release that day or just released a track.

  • Roosevelt Rath Reply

    FYI I'm doing a Snapchat takeover of Arsenic Audio in an hour (7p EST). Follow them and check it out if you like the record.

  • Mark Mueller Reply

    Also know as the Arsenal Hype Squad. Love these guys so much. Their Snapchat takeover yesterday was hilarious.

  • Easter Balistreri Reply

    thatsubiegirl. and this wasn't even posted on sc, it's right there on her tumblr page. https://thatsubiegirl.tumblr.com/post/144311712602/go-peep-my-takeover-on-baetv-snapchat-and-the

  • Dimitri Miller Reply

    If you don't get any responses here, try emailing Andrea @lifeasapa - she just had an ortho PA do a "takeover" on her medtakeovers Snapchat account. Maybe she could get you in touch with her. (Andrea does peds ICU)

  • Elta Jaskolski Reply

    I loved your EF snapchat takeover! Can't wait to see in the forest! Are you going to be hanging around all weekend?

  • Damon Lockman Reply

    I think you guys should get someone like bjj scout and do breakdown videos on youtube. And also make a snapchat account and during the lead up to the match let the fighters takeover your snapchat.

  • Noble Collins Reply

    MOTHERFUCKIN MARSHMELLO!!! FUCK YES! I knew something was up when he did the 'Marshmello takeover' on Monstercats Snapchat

  • Jamarcus Rodriguez Reply

    The twitter is done at the same time and then the blog and tweets are posted on Wednesday. They also do a snapchat takeover as well.

  • Lavern Hilpert Reply

    I may be partial but I do believe in other circrumstances subdomain takeovers should be paid out (which Snapchat has paid for before). Even though it comes down to human error, it results in many vectors for attack (stored xss, phishing, etc...).

  • Gerda Mueller Reply

    Afaik those weren't a thing or weren't very popular when Lhaled started his snapchat takeover

  • Eulalia Anderson Reply

    This was more of an attempt to get the AMA's rolling in if anything, if they do become part of this sub (which I persoanlly think would help give the sub something new interesting) then they have to start somewhere, felt that they would probably have some involvement with material we might be interested in, Interviews with Players, Twitter Takeovers, Snapchat etc.

  • Miracle Eichmann Reply

    Everyone add the Mariners on snapchat if you have it. Leonys Martin is having a takeover on it since yesterday haha

  • Amira Farrell Reply

    His DJ Hanzel snapchat takeover a couple weeks ago was fucking hikarious

  • Carmel Mills Reply

    You don't target people - people have to add you. so use your other social channels to promote your snapchat or do snapchat takeovers w/ people in your niche and promote your snapchat. The key to snapchat is having an entertaining and/or informative channel so ppl tell their friends to add you

  • Keith Leannon Reply

    Snapchat: Womanexcellenc3 It was a takeover though...

  • Augustine Harris Reply

    His ayto snapchat takeover proved this for me

  • Carson Torp Reply

    I might be in the minority on this, but I think the behind the scenes snapchat content is better than the smokeshow takeovers.

  • Geoffrey Quigley Reply

    She's doing a "Snapchat Takeover" thing, follow "meninist" for the day, she's gonna be posting a buncha stuff on there.

  • Pauline Kovacek Reply

    /r/CFB really needs a snapchat - different people could do takeovers each gameday.

  • Mae Sporer Reply

    This was probably one of my favorite snapchat takeovers I've seen any account I follow do. Graham's a funny dude, love the way it seems our team interacts so well from GM all the way down to each player.

  • Johnny Dare Reply

    There's a bunch of snapchatters that have "takeovers" how does that work? I know justinkan on Snapchat does this and he answers people's questions might be interesting to ask him.

  • Tom Glover Reply

    I love Aria, she's a total babe. I mainly check the snapchat for her more than anything, the takeovers are sometimes a bonus.

  • Jalen Hodkiewicz Reply

    Didn't you do a PornHub snapchat takeover the other day?

  • Deondre Klocko Reply

    I wonder if he will takeover her snapchat takeover.

  • Mazie Koepp Reply

    Can't wait for the Snapchat takeover tomorrow!

  • Jerrold Orn Reply

    No question - just wanted to say thank you for singing for us on the snapchat takeover! YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE, MUZZY BEAR!

  • Immanuel Graham Reply

    They do partner with some girls, they send them their shirts and stuff, they also choose some to takeover their Snapchat for a day. They do just repost photos of hot girls they find though, but almost every single one is a real background.

  • Matt Bartoletti Reply

    The schedule is already done. One of the guys on the snapchat takeover for EF said they're playing two sets in the hangar.