How do you feel when people say they want bitcoin to fail?

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  • How do you feel when people say they want bitcoin to fail?

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  • Geovany VonRueden Reply

    Do it for the people who want to see you fail. Let them sleep while you grind. Let them party while you work. They difference will show. Just because you are right, does not mean I am wrong. You just havn’t seen life from my side. No matter how bad things get, something good is out there, just over the horizon. I am thankful for all those difficult people in my life, they have shown me exactly who I do not want to be. -Kushandwizdom Believe that good things will happen, and they will.

  • Dimitri Robel Reply

    But who would we fail? There is no purpose. The only judge there is are humans. The only thing giving meaning to the world are humans. Organising a society is a challenge people imposed upon themselves. Just do what you think is good, be the change you want to see in the world, enjoy your stay. Shit doesn't end if people fail, it ends when we give up.

  • Eulah Batz Reply

    End of season mean that people want to climb fast in the last days, so they will be less patient and comprehensive if you fail or ask them to do something.

  • Cleveland Schultz Reply

    My favorite are the people who want me to pay extra for tracking on a purchase. I think they fail to realize who the tracking is really protecting. If you want to PWE me a $100 card be my guest.

  • Misael Fadel Reply

    And yet you guys continue to circle jerk against old people whenever there is a thread about technology fails.

  • Lora Morar Reply

    > supported by innuendo-filled articles from a paper published by Trump's son-in-law. Oh, hmmm, you know, you might actually have a pretty good point. I'm gonna have to mull this over. Also gonna look into the observer because, you know, maybe this is something we need to watch out for, people who would want to see progressives fail coming off like they're giving us advice.

  • Abby Romaguera Reply

    You just said "People who don't have access to healthcare die." and you also want to get rid of programs that allow the poor to access healthcare, so I fail to see what the alternative is.

  • Cooper Jacobs Reply

    In my personal experience, CBD e-liquid from vape shops, tobacco shops, etc... Won't cause you to fail drug tests. Also, crystalline CBD from dispensaries won't cause you to fail either. The sad thing is, CBD doesn't usually do the job for people who want the high, so I would just say try it out and see how you feel OP. Source: I've been on probation for 1 year, weekly tests.

  • Brendan Mitchell Reply

    What do these "climate programs" do? Nothing. That's the one thing you morons fail to realize. Wake the fuck up.

  • Kenna Medhurst Reply

    I'm not a fan of Trump, but I don't get why people are actively rooting for him to fail. I want him to prove me wrong, it would be what's best for the country. I don't give a shit what party he represents and if you do and are actively rooting against success then YOU are the problem in this country no matter who you voted for.

  • Mckenna White Reply

    If you want trump to fail, you're asking for our entire country to fail. If you were on a plane, you wouldn't want the pilot to crash. Unfortunately people don't think of this analogy when they are challenging trump to fail.

  • Crystel Brekke Reply

    the older they get the more people seem to be entrenched in their ignorance. especially the old hippies so devoted to their party that they fail to see its become exactly what they rebelled against in the 1960s: a war-mongering totalitarian group of elitists

  • Jeff Collier Reply

    I fail to see why i shouldnt pass out. Id wait another 5 minutes, then wake up just to see where im at.

  • Kristian Abshire Reply

    I'm sure a foodie will actually tell someone who is mediocre what they can do to improve if they ask for it. If people ask for criticism, and actually want to improve, they can get help.

  • Lafayette Dare Reply

    um what. you clearly CLEARLY do not understand foreign policy. people fail to see how the russians want trump in the white house cause they know it would look terrible for us . we would become the laughing stock of the world.

  • Kennedi Gislason Reply

    I want to read this article! :) I bet it will give me more insight of "here's what people don't want me to do, or they will go write about hating the game!"

  • Fabian Lynch Reply

    I love you but I need you to do your homework or people might begin wondering and I don't want you to fail.

  • Theo Berge Reply

    You want to do 3 year old content. You want to try, and fail and try and fail over and over again. You want 7 over people to do that with you. But you don't wanna do the wait it takes to find people in the same situation as yourself. Quick pop quiz. How long to you think it took to find a willing and able group even when it was still relevant? Do them unsynced and solo or duo. That will still be a challenge having you wipe over and over.

  • Elisa Gleichner Reply

    You think casuals, old people and little children are going to make the Switch a hit? Remember, the investors are the same idiots who want the Switch to fail so Nintendo can focus on the smartphone market.

  • Davion Buckridge Reply

    Why do you think I want to change the punishments? I just want a 30 second/1 minute example of what Blizzard will and won't accept in competitive play. I don't care whether or not Blizzard ban people for saying "fartbag", but I'd like to know in advance what language they consider acceptable.

  • Mortimer Feeney Reply

    Sadly, new anons know how to fail at anonymous.

  • Crystal Robel Reply

    OTOH you have people who are so blinded by authority that they fail to recognize when they're being taken advantage of. Neither is this an admirable trait and it can make a rough life for entire communities.

  • Meghan Koelpin Reply

    Are you that annoying 10 year old who fails to troll people in every lobby I'm in?

  • Jimmie Stroman Reply

    Yeah but a hatred for a party that has never held a minister position or had a chance to do anything to piss off the electorate from a position of power. When making laws you will always piss people off and the other 3 have done this without fail. Sinn feins hatred is a little different.

  • Jonathon Herman Reply

    Old people, almost without fail, call sprinkles "Jerrys".

  • Maureen Kulas Reply

    I'd like to see #2 and #3 struck from people's reactions when someone says they're fat not because they're fat phobic but because they're the kind of bullshit people tell you who either consciously or subconsciously want you to fail or stop losing weight. It's one of the things that got incredibly annoying the first time I did this (now however, I'm not hearing them... it's odd).

  • Oleta Mann Reply

    This generally happens when people have a poor diet and fail to workout. You can control this if you want.

  • Cydney Jacobs Reply

    I fail to see the point of your post. Being born somewhere doesn't mean you have to stay there your entire life. You can't expect many job prospects when you live in a town who's total population is 1000 people and a donkey. Its a simple reality that if you want more career choices and opportunities, you'll probably have to move closer to a bigger city. I live in a city of 100,000, and if I want a real IT job I would have to move back to Seattle or somewhere else or wait for the rare vacancy to open up, because people in those jobs here do not give them up unless retired or dead.

  • Elvis Kihn Reply

    I always leave no-fail on just in case people come round. There's nothing less fun than failing out of a song when you're all just trying to have a good time.

  • Conor Graham Reply

    Which polls? All the best polls? Tremendous polls? Sorry, but I trust 538 more than I trust those anonymous polls fail to cite.

  • Daniela Swift Reply

    Profs are assholes and want you to fail so they make it hard and go deep into each topic instead of scraping the surface

  • Madeline Stokes Reply

    You're dead, you won't care what happens to your body. The only people who WILL care are your living family. Let them do whatever they want.

  • Lia King Reply

    >Where i am wrong? the fact that PI is aids, and until that changes you won't get the volume of people doing it to make it a viable income source - and when you do it'll depress the prices of PI mats such that people won't do it and it continues to fail to be a viable source of income.

  • Adriel Rowe Reply

    Good idea, but how do you manage events like VW, where 2 minutes is way too long already ? I know it rarely fails in 2016 but I had good ol' case recently where boss fight failed like in old times, with people lying dead upscaling the boss and others wasting time on rez ...

  • Raven Hansen Reply

    There's plenty of people in their 70s and older that've mastered a first L2. What's so old about 50? Unless your memory is starting to fail, age isn't a big deal.

  • Okey Bahringer Reply

    When you treat people like shit, then mock them from being upset. It's almost like they don't want their old userbase back. 3.5 plus years of being involved with Civ, and I can honestly say I want this to fail now.

  • Marlin Berge Reply

    I just want to add my success story for the people who are trying to reach 4 weeks too. I made it. Just never give up. When you fail, try again. I needed about 18 tries, but then I made it. Just try and fail, try and fail. And every time do your best.

  • Solon Beer Reply

    > Having built in headphones is a major plus too I think a lot of people would disagree with you. Headphones are the least expensive portion of the device, and the most likely to go bad. I'd rather use my own better headphones that I can replace when they fail.

  • Deangelo Jerde Reply

    I really think every artist is stealing art from other people but they call it inspiration. When i do a mario based fanwork i also steal the work from the great artists at super mario but it think when you going to be fame there a many people that want to see you fail.

  • Gregory Fadel Reply

    Just dug up some old threads, people were saying the FSDO has an 88% fail rate.

  • Michel Gerhold Reply

    Here is a video interview with Tone Vays where he explains how Steemit is just a scam that should be avoided in every way: [The Great Steemit Debate: Tone Vays vs. Jeff Berwick "Ponzi Scheme or Paradigm Shift?"]( Whenever someone writes and posts an article on Steemit, they damage their reputation. Does anyone have a list of people (active in the Bitcoin space) who have posted their own articles on Steemit? Jeff Berwick is one, Rick Falkvinge another and even Roger Ver fell for the scam. People who promote Steemit by using it are just showing that they don't actually understand the difference between an actual cryptocurrency and a simple scam. The next level of incompetency would be if they fell for the Onecoin scam.

  • Antonia Fahey Reply

    So people start businesses and invest? You do realize most business will fail and most are running st a loss when they start off right?

  • Rhett Homenick Reply

    I never understood these people in school. When the teacher forgets to ask for homework and they remind her. It's not like they're going to fail your homework because they forgot to ask. At the point you're either an ass or just socially retarded.

  • Arnulfo Ritchie Reply

    Well I was joking, but it's still kind of silly to say capitalism drives ingenuity. I mean just look at the renaissance period. If people have time to do what they want, ingenuity will come from it. In a capitalistic system people have had free time to work on what they wanted, but in more recent times it gets harder and harder as the system is far too aged and convoluted.

  • Josiah Anderson Reply

    People don't just "die" of old age. It's when some body part etc. fails.

  • Johnny Ledner Reply

    Obviously the only solution is to fail all of ur classes and then say u didn't have time to do it cause of ur bedtime.

  • Duncan Russel Reply

    You do what anyone else in a functioning democracy does, accept that you lost. Democracy is not all about you and the needs of the people who agree with you, especially when you don't make up enough of a voting block to matter

  • Kellie Klein Reply

    Really seems like your professor's fault for disrupting class by calling them out on it. If they want to waste their education by spending their class time on their phones, they can do that so long as they aren't disrupting others. They will fail on their tests and fail to do well on assignments, and they'll ultimately fail the class. Who cares. You're going to pass; you payed attention. If it keeps getting worse, you may want to ask your professor about it. Ask him/her why they call out people on their phones if they aren't disrupting anybody and are ultimately only failing themselves? Make sure to at least tell him that you find him calling it out disrupting.

  • Ernestine Green Reply

    Does anyone know where the Onecoin blockchain is? What *is* it? What mining algo is it?

  • Marques Stiedemann Reply

    No. It's important to discuss if one is to shut up people saying "look at north korea and shitty communism always fail". I won't bother expressing myself more proper. Catch my drift regardles, if you want.

  • Domingo Berge Reply

    I'm not disputing that. People should be able to do and wear what they want. But then they shouldn't be surprised at the reactions some people will have.

  • Leone Russel Reply

    Probably 7 hours, when I fail to wake up for uni

  • Reece Macejkovic Reply

    What about a centuries old book that says people will be tortured for all eternity if they do (or fail to do) certain things? Is that terrorism too?

  • Maryjane Purdy Reply

    Simply suggesting a concept some fail to grasp. It seems the people criticizing the post don't really refute its message—they just disagree that the case applies to Phi Phi, which is cool. Subtract her from the post, and it stands as a reminder that every moment in the show is subject to fabrication, and to assume authenticity in a contest for 100 grand is just plain silly. This was just an arguably relevant time to post my brain dump on the subject. (Though, I still contend that death threats are pretty unnecessary, especially when the recipient is a big meanie weenie from your favorite tv show about dudes in wigs.) Glad you invited me over! Want me to braid your hair?

  • Kale Hartmann Reply

    Trump put out an economic proposal that fails basic arithmetic for how many jobs can possibly be created without massive immigration or forcing old people out of retirement. But Hillary is the one with the mathematical problems. Also, economics is the only policy that matters, somehow.

  • Macie Heller Reply

    god, old people never fail to make me so sad

  • Barbara Schamberger Reply

    they only care if you fail. People don't want to make fun of successful people who dropped out (bill gates, although gates dropped out but he was a genius, he got into Harvard)

  • Modesta Russel Reply

    > There are some people who seem to want to see this game fail at all costs. You can say that about almost any game.

  • Francisca Crist Reply

    Hell yeah! I also like to think of all the people who want me to fail, who want me to destroy myself and my life and say, "you are not gonna win!"

  • Christian Dooley Reply

    People fail to understand the simple fact, why hire a foreigner from overseas with no visa who can't speak the language, when there are plenty of natives and foreigners already wth visas and language ability in Japan looking for work. Nah man you're totally a special snowflake.

  • Ashtyn Lind Reply

    i don't want to troll you it dosen't benefit me in any way. I just want advices from the people who may had the same experience as me. as i said i live in a retarded country and do you know what if i said which country i live in they will punish since it's forbidden !!

  • Alexa Zboncak Reply

    I don't care if I wasn't born with a penis. I'll act however I want to piss you off. I wanna be a powerful career woman. Making the manbabies get all irked and upset because they have a problem with a woman utilizing her talents is one thing that will make it totally worth it. I live to anger people like you. Being submissive as the baseline? And what do I get in return? What will be the payoff? Do you think your magical penis somehow gives you authority over me and makes you a better decision maker? Nope

  • Jennifer Wintheiser Reply

    People will always complain about proletarians but the rich can do whatever they want. That being said, at the current pace there will soon be no jews in France anymore since they are all actually going away to live more in accordance to their religion. Maybe they understood what integration means and decided that no, they don't want any of it.

  • Christa Green Reply

    It's the norm of what we do next, the only people I know who want the UK to fail are leaving anyway. I'm still going to tell you I told you so when we are all mucking in and clearing this mess.

  • Avis Dare Reply

    Not necessarily. Most fouls are called when you make contact to a part of the hand thats not in contact with the ball, wrist, or arm. Most people don't actually know this and complain when they see replays and it shows someone getting part of the hand on the block.

  • Isaac Bernhard Reply

    I did not tell anyone because I don't want to fail other people who cares... If I fail myself that's OK.. I've failed myself before.. but for people who care about me to be disappointed also along the personal failure I think it's too much for me. Sad reasoning but I think that's why I'm doing this alone (alone on the internet that is). I'm only one day a head of you but I'm right there with you.. See you on day 6.

  • Demetris Torp Reply

    Damn dude, you know you can be anonymous on reddit right? Fucking fail.

  • Carmen Kutch Reply

    I have never took time to count but you see a lot of posts from people who fail on here.

  • Whitney Smitham Reply

    They were your favorite team but because they disbanded you want all of their new opportunities to fail? What a great fan you are.

  • Everette Franecki Reply

    Thanx! It's hard to believe that people actually want you to fail. Boggles the mind. Makes me sad that people can be so damn cruel, whether it's intentional or not. Thanx to all who replied!

  • Naomie Armstrong Reply

    This article has been met with tons of hostility, but I agree with 100% of it. People have been wanting Miles to fail since LSU lost to Tennessee in 2005. I've become so tired of having to have this discussion of whether or not Miles should be fired after every loss and having to deal with people who almost seem to want LSU to lose. And you know what? They won. Which is the worst part about this.

  • Anika Grant Reply

    every time an update drops, the game goes to shit. REQs, servers,'s unplayable right now the fail of 343 is impressive

  • Eloy McDermott Reply

    Nicole lasting this long without being nommed is proof that it isn't all that hard tbh. And James up until this week. It has pretty much happened twice out of the last three seasons now. When you play with blind people, staying off the block is easy

  • Zander Runte Reply

    Know what the first thing you do is after you score copper pipe? Deburr it. Fuck it. Just go ahead and prove me wrong. Show me how you can score a driveshaft such that it will still be operational for a time and yet when it does fail, it will fail cleanly. You people just believe what you want to anyway, regardless of things like physical properties of materials, the laws of physics themselves, empirical evidence, etc.

  • Daisy Moore Reply

    This is a volume vs quality argument. Sure, OneCoin may have more total people, but bitcoin has way more neckbeards! wait...

  • Kristofer Gusikowski Reply

    "eat whatever you want" is what caused my diets to fail. Some people can deal with eating very small amount of crap, but theres a lot of people, like me, who need to eat a shit load of low cal stuff.

  • Maybelle Baumbach Reply

    "only failures fail"     *-Anonymous, 2016*

  • Jess Corwin Reply

    Let me adjust my question: why would you want *any* country to fail? It affects people, lots of people, people who had no control over events.

  • Alexane Hauck Reply

    They have a blockchain. Onecoin has a .gif

  • Horacio Spencer Reply

    > What you fail to understand is all of those elements you mentioned are constantly being changed and refined with the addition of new content, like vehicles. This is what people said before vehicles but now that vehicles are in the gameplay is still the same. You're forgetting that the devs have said multiple times that they want a more faster and action oriented game for the "Dad with 2 children who can only play 1 hour a night". They have said they want a more emphasis on Rally Points. >they do if you want to use it within the next 10 mins or so. No they don't. There are no crates in this game.

  • Arch Graham Reply

    Word of mouth for senior students tend to be a good source of who to have on your committee. Some faculty are just easy, but what you really want to do is avoid the ones who make every effort to fail people during their orals or keep them from graduating.

  • Noah Dare Reply

    In every one of my concealed carry classes, someone asks if they can shoot without eye and/or ear protection. My reply? "Sure, if you want me to fail you."

  • Liana Koch Reply

    This has worked out for plenty of people I know. Especially for liberal arts majors who's teachers care deeply about funding for the university and the projects they are able to do solely off of donations. It's not like you failed a test and want your grade changed, but more like you fail a test, talk to teacher during office hours and they agree to let you "explain" your answer, do a different assignment, or work through the problems together to correct your grade.

  • Susie Hills Reply

    When people fail to see how a *thirteen-year-old girl* being thrashed around by several adults is rage inducing, you know there's a bigger problem at hand.

  • Natalie Fahey Reply

    Open source firewall on a 6 year old pc with no backup, no documentation, to "save money" - not asked to, did it on his own initiative. 250 people down when the single hard drive inevitably fails. Seen this too many times to count.

  • Alisha Watsica Reply

    In the old days, you actually had to be good at the game to complete it. Nowadays there's too much money in games to let people fail so they've devolved into long, mildly interactive CG movies with optional scenes and grinding/hoarding mini games. Don't get me wrong, that's great for passive entertainment and that's exactly what most of the people in the games market want anyways but when you're looking for a challenging pursuit that requires you to learn strategy and skill it just completely falls flat. Imagine playing a game of chess against someone who, whenever you were about to make a move that would prevent you from winning, would say "are you sure you want to do that?" not only would it be annoying but it would result in you winning every time regardless of your effort or skill level. A completely hollow experience.

  • Michale Larson Reply

    I've heard *that* one before. The old "please don't be angry" trick that never fails to make people angry.

  • Kim Greenholt Reply

    Absolutely. They are everywhere if you know what to look for. It isn't restricted to the HAES crowd. I'm willing to bet we all know someone who starts using the "Block" button on Facebook when people disagree with them.

  • Lizzie Jacobi Reply

    I'm thinking that should be a contract everybody who votes Rome just because they want to see it and not because it makes sense in any other way to them should have to fill out. If you fail eat your own dick.

  • Joelle Paucek Reply

    The line of people who hate you starts around the block when you're on top. Fuck em.

  • Joanne Gibson Reply

    There are settings to change who can send you snaps. You can make it "friends only." Also, you can block people by pressing and holding the chat, when their user info pops up, press the setting button. There should be a "block user" option. I hope this helps.

  • Sigrid Torp Reply

    By remembering that, in the grand scheme of things, I don't matter at all. A lot of people take that as depressing, or fatalistic. But I take it more like *Hakuna Matata* - if nothing you do really matters, then why not try everything you want to do? Why not do your best? And even if you fail, who cares?

  • Zion Hansen Reply

    Happy birthday and nice scouts!! I really don't like when people try to police how people feel about their scouts. If you get a card you don't like, or you fail to get the card you were scouting for, it's normal to be disappointed. And this is coming from someone who has initial Hanayo, idolized, and likes her. I'm not at all offended if you didn't want to pull her, lol.

  • Theresa Littel Reply

    Why would you want to artificially prop up a business to make it profitable regardless of how well the business is run? That sounds like a surefire way to decrease efficiency in the economy. Why don't you want the people who are best at farming to be doing the farming (which can only happen if you let the people who aren't good at farming fail)?

  • Alexandria Breitenberg Reply

    Why do you think people actually have their days ruined by a 13 year old internet trolls? They don't. You fail to understand that people can find behaviour shitty and call it out as such without being touched by it personally.

  • Maximillian Hills Reply

    1. Wake up, 2. Roll over, trying to get out of bed, 3. Fail, 4. Fall onto the floor, 5. Wake up half an hour later.

  • Janiya Predovic Reply

    look, im not saying i want the other athletes to *fail* you know. i mean, i would be sad if they all exploded.

  • Boyd Buckridge Reply

    The shit she is writing about isnt exclusive to fucking celebrities either. Every single person has to fight through criticism, and there will always be people who want you to fail. Jesus Christ get off your high horse.

  • Henri Smith Reply

    > I like the XR hybrids. > I hit my 3H and 4H far better than my old 3i and 4i. I can't say enough about how good the XR Hybrids are. They're heavy and I fucking love them. For me the 4H is my go to confidence club - if I'm sketchy off the tee or if I'm playing with a few people i don't know - that hybrid never fails me.

  • Reggie McKenzie Reply

    I'm a nimbly because I care when people Block traffic and doublr park cuz "god"?? Fuck them and you if you are gonna act like a nimbly

  • Hettie Lesch Reply

    >If you can't keep up with your rank then can you really say you are a S-rank player? Yes,.because I've gotten there fair and square. I am a "true S rank player". Now if I want to fuck around I should be able to do so, just like in the lowest ranks of any league, and if I want to take it further and really prove myself, I can do that as well. Current system is in place for a good reason. It works. And it doesn't piss people off for no reason. I fail to see why are you so insistent on making it worse. The way I see it you're just slightly butthurt about how you're unable to reach it and want to make it harder for the rest of us who can.

  • Antonina Tremblay Reply

    They are so scared, she has so much corruption so understandable and trying the old poison the well gambit, it will fail. I so hope people are smart enough to see past these manipulations.

  • Caleb Hammes Reply

    not if, as suggested by some other people, they make your hitbox disappear when you are invulnerable so that you cant block shots.

  • Jarvis Schiller Reply

    OneCoin to Onelife. I've watching this MLM+Ponzi scheme for several years. A good sum up of them. [Full story of the OneCoin scheme here.]( Even after losing the Mastercard deal, **along with some of their members being arrested**, they'll still moving on to new schemes. Edit: [Simple wiki on OneCoin.]( *You can see Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Latvia giving warning about this scheme.* Most of their survival techniques are based on social media where they can heavily audit and edit all who speak on the channels. Along with doing these large, evangelical, events. They offer zero technical details on how the OneCoin blockchain (if it exists) operates. **They will be coming for our friends and family who barely understand cryptocurrency.** Be sure to fully educate them on closed vs open source blockchains, wallets, and cryptocurrencies in general. **THEY WILL STILL ATTEMPT TO HIDE BEHIND CHARITIES AS WELL.** This is the average comment the main speaker Dr. Ruja Ignatova projects onto the faithful. 13:00 - "Bitcoin currently has almost no merchants taking it." *Try not to punch your screen during the video and you can realize this is the average level of brainwashing these events do.* **They're not transparent either. They're audit video is a joke and I invite plenty to go watch it.** *They also promised monthly/quarterly audits from a year ago. They never happened!* They speak in vague vaporware. Don't let yourself or others become a victim of their program. **This is the evolution of opening up the ponzi to the public. They cannot survive without new capital, meaning you and your friend or family.** Whether your on *team* Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so on... **WE SHOULD ALL BE UNITED AGAINST MLM+PONZI SCHEMES WITH CLOSED SOURCE BLOCKCHAINS.**

  • Moses Gusikowski Reply

    Everyone has said Siemian's arm is very good/great, so dont know where you are getting your info from. I am guessing you are one of those people that want him to fail cause he is a 7th round pick.

  • Evie Leannon Reply

    archives and automation, you managed to point out the reasons I prefer usenet and good old ftp dumps (I realize those aren't really an option for most people who haven't put the time in to get a couple of life long leech slots here and there) I automate everything and when Usenet fails me I hit up the old archives. To each his own I guess

  • Brad Pfannerstill Reply

    why block people when you can make fun of them instead?

  • Delfina Kunde Reply

    I know people all have there own theories and places their own opinion one where they want the show to go. What I love is that motives for a lot of the characters was always hidden so it's very unpredictable what they will do next!

  • Luigi Schuster Reply

    Onecoin has no blockchain. When it implodes people will see bitcoin in the same light.

  • Leilani Schumm Reply

    Definatelly the old folks. I apparently moved to an old neighborhood and my stank makes people give me the stink eye. I have tried to make it smell nicer but it just fails. That is life frients.

  • Chadrick Medhurst Reply

    Lot of people want to see Drake fail, they think he's fake/too poppy/can't rap/ghostwriters. I recognize your username, but I'm still sarcastically gonna ask: do you even read this sub?

  • Angie Douglas Reply

    What a lot of people fail to realize is that while old biddies may be slow and hard of hearing, their give a fuck reserve depleted a few decades ago. I've seen old ladies swinging purses at armed robbers, grandma don't care.

  • Savanna Denesik Reply

    Their blockchain will have as much mining as Onecoin's.

  • Eladio Reichel Reply

    As a data recovery specialist, I totally get why people don't use encryption. When standard HDs fail, you're mostly hosed on any type of recovery if you have them encrypted.

  • Dixie Klocko Reply

    Most rental companies do not guarantee a vehicle type. It's to much of a pain in the ass to keep up with what everyone wants. What if two people want the same car and they only have one. It doesn't work. At most they will say that you prefer an certain type and if they have one when you show up you will get it. Otherwise you get what is available.

  • Thea Runolfsson Reply

    How did the Hi Lift fail? Rusted out? No oem jack with the tire iron? Hope ya didn't wake up with scorpions in your shoes....

  • Jeremie Kuphal Reply

    You people fail to see this, why would they merge servers when you guys keep paying for transfers every 30 days they are making some good money off it.

  • Orval Kulas Reply

    Remember when people used to say "Too big to fail" yet here are you guys.

  • Kaleigh Conn Reply

    You spent the point you earned on SA. You still have SA. Obviously they pissed off people with this. Hell I want free respec as much as anyone but I fail to see how their solution is making anyone worse off.

  • Gabrielle Zboncak Reply

    You don't want to believe it because you want to believe the government can't ever fail. I think when the workers and rules in place fail, or are somehow corrupted, that the people should have a method of proving their identity. Cops don't identify people by registration cards, they're identified by a photo. That's the whole point of an id, and if you can't come to grips with how that works, you're too incompetent to handle.

  • Tyree Botsford Reply

    Give it up Neo...the movie is a success and they are making a 4th one. As much as you want the Kelvin films to fail...they won't.

  • Kirstin Hermann Reply

    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by ignorance. When older people tell you not to worry they do it because things worked out for them and they find it difficult imagining that for you they might not. Your mother didn't want you to fail, otherwise she wouldn't be wondering why you have not yet had children.

  • Oswald Barrows Reply

    I find that people just want to play winter orb because its just a "I Win" card. They fail to realize you actually to look at the board and see if you can play through your own orb...

  • Tyrese Schaefer Reply

    So 500K to a million Iraqis killed and millions more made into refugees as a result of the west's invasion of Iraq is not state terrorism? Which has directly led to ISIS and the current quagmire. Blinkered idiotic views such as yours are what breeds the arrogance in the west that they can do whatever they want to the people of the middle east and never suffer a consequence. You recall the millions who marched calling that aggression for what it was. It is people such as yourself who are the terrorists people who fail recognize the blowback from their idiotic actions.

  • Roderick Abbott Reply

    You're falling into the same pit as Tumblr if you want some kind of "safe space" then. If you know feminism isn't bad, try to convince people. But even if you fail, give them a break, you DO know there are quite a lot of crazies who ruin it for the rest, tough luck.