MRW I want the price to go up, but I also like cheap coins

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  • MRW I want the price to go up, but I also like cheap coins
  • MRW the closest Pokemon Gyms are in a strip club and a bar
  • 2012 Audi R8

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  • Ima Thiel Reply

    > but this didn't happen overnight No, it didn't...but here we are and we have to deal with it. > And this isn't just an SF problem, this is a nationwide problem as a result of both tech+capitalism Yes, but it's worse here than almost everywhere > These same people complaining in San Francisco may very easily go move to Oregon, or Washington, and then the locals there will be bitching about "californians". Nobody is forcing anyone to live here. We're by definition talking about people who are feeling the cost of living squeeze harder than anyone. Those people need their family, friends, social connections, etc...desperately in order to continue living. They need whatever job they have as they are presumably living paycheck-to-paycheck. "Just leave" is the option of last resort, not a solution. >The truth is, the tech industry has created a HUGE amount of supply. Postmates, grub hub, taskrabbit etc. "Supply" of what, exactly? I don't understand this. > I think there is a visual trickledown for people who are willing to make the most of things here. [MRW "trickle-down"]( > People all over the world who wouldn't have the same quality of life have uprooted to fulfill their needs and wants in SF. I don't blame anyone, and i can also see the other side of the coin too. I think a successful city is one that creates more opportunity than it destroys. Yes, newcomers are able to succeed here if they bring the right talent. But the cost of living squeeze is destroying opportunity for many residents. When you account for those who are displaced, or prevented from living here because of the cost of living increases, is the net a positive? I'm not so sure. > But bitching about it soo feebly is obnoxious. blah blah blah I'm mad at techies. its old. This remark has no substance - just because you don't like hearing it doesn't mean the underlying concern can be dismissed. Like I said, it's not policy, I don't agree with it, but it _represents_ something much deeper and that is worth trying to understand. > and its funny, i post a a comment with similar sentiment as the guy saying "I'm tired of people pinpointing techies" in the Joggers with cash post and he gets praised to kingdom come. - A poster asking companies to leave is a far cry from a call to actually mug people - This subreddit is largely comprised of young tech workers so will naturally fall on that side of any of these arguments.