on r/bitcoin right now

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  • /r/Bitcoin right now (P.S. I love them and hope they recover)
  • on r/bitcoin right now

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  • Nickolas Harber Reply

    double posted your original r/bitcoin thread here.

  • Ella Collier Reply

    Yes, what words triggered the filte - Peter R? BU? Unlimited? ViaBtc? Bitcoin.com?

  • Ellsworth Eichmann Reply

    Try asking this on /r/bitcoin to find out why it will never happen.

  • Nicklaus Hoppe Reply

    And r/Bitcoin will blame it on Ver and ViaBTC when the dissent is greater than that.

  • Marcelino Schimmel Reply

    People can be unbanned from /r/Bitcoin too, you know...

  • Dewitt Spinka Reply

    I wouldn't say never. I saw it on r/Bitcoin

  • Francesca VonRueden Reply

    Do you never get tired of r/bitcoin?

  • Ardella Lockman Reply

    You won't hear about this on /r/bitcoin!

  • Antone Langworth Reply

    TIL r/bitcoin is censored.

  • Mohamed MacGyver Reply

    This is like 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE' but with /r/bitcoin

  • Lucy Kuhn Reply

    r/bitcoin r/atheism lol yeah i'd cheat on him too

  • Lorine Ernser Reply

    There has been a lot of discussing about block size increase in /r/bitcoin

  • Beaulah Kautzer Reply

    Try asking under /r/bitcoin

  • Jeramy Monahan Reply


  • Merritt Feeney Reply

    /r/bitcoin probably has some useful noob-friendly resources.

  • Alvena Hintz Reply

    Why did you post this here and not r/bitcoin?

  • Betty Tillman Reply


  • Friedrich Gaylord Reply

    I got here from an ad on r\bitcoin. Love it. Thank you!

  • Hector Gleichner Reply

    That's exactly why r/bitcoin has gone to the dogs.

  • Alena Hand Reply

    You're in the wrong sub mate, try /r/bitcoin i guess

  • Lavon Fahey Reply

    Fun fact: I am permabanned from /r/bitcoin for daring to speak ill of Amir Taaki.

  • Bertrand Wolf Reply

    Downvotes would in r/bitcoin if controversial posts were allowed. They just don't allow them at all.

  • Whitney Balistreri Reply

    not really, my life does not revolve around /r/bitcoin

  • Elvie Wiegand Reply

    Wow, that is low of r/bitcoin.

  • Tina Balistreri Reply

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/ Start with the links in the sidebar.

  • Orin Satterfield Reply

    Am I free to force people to view r/bitcoin then?

  • Deshaun Yundt Reply

    To be fair, not long after Theymos did his thang, Reddit had a pretty big purge of inactive accounts and r\/bitcoin subscriber count dropped quite a lot.

  • Nels Simonis Reply

    I think you meant to post in r/bitcoin, but posted here by accident.

  • Cleveland Goyette Reply

    Any coupons for /r/bitcoin readers?

  • Hosea Beier Reply

    Why not ask on /r/bitcoin?

  • Maude Johnson Reply

    Ask on /r/bitcoin or /r/bitcoinbeginners

  • Jordi Kuhlman Reply

    /r/jontron is like bitcoin then

  • Golda Reichert Reply

    stfu faggot go back to /r/bitcoin

  • Annetta Friesen Reply

    More /r/bitcoin fraud, great.

  • Jimmy Beahan Reply

    "Pick random future event and insert arbitrary prediction here and now defend this /r/bitcoin"

  • Valerie Fritsch Reply

    Why didn't you post this on r/Bitcoin?

  • Lina D'Amore Reply

    Meanwhile, the developers from /r/Bitcoin are working closely with /r/Buttcoin.

  • Jamey Kozey Reply

    You can't say that on r/bitcoin

  • Clark Stark Reply

    [](/twiright-r)I'm pretty sure one bitcoin wouldnt cover it either.

  • Deion Klein Reply

    You have been banned from r/Bitcoin

  • Trevor Weissnat Reply

    go look at the r/bitcoin mods.

  • Jamal Kunze Reply

    I've never used that forum, but I was banned at my own request from /r/Bitcoin quite a while ago :)

  • Enrico King Reply

    Let's be clear, r/bitcoin moderators != Bitcoin Core developers.

  • Josianne Johns Reply

    Just look at all the hate it's getting over in /r/Bitcoin. Their feathers are very ruffled.

  • Jordan Mraz Reply

    ETH is not bitcoin so I don't see a problem. This should be in /r/buttereum or whatever.

  • Norberto Barrows Reply

    Oh another central bank horror story? Limited cash withdrawals? See you in r/Bitcoin

  • Eliza Willms Reply

    Buy all the r/bitcoin you can, right now!

  • Adah Pacocha Reply

    You should check out /r/bitcoin.

  • Arturo Thompson Reply

    See /r/bitcoin

  • Sally Wilderman Reply


  • Valerie Towne Reply

    That makes sense. I'll stop advocating BIP109 and start advocating Bitcoin Unlimited instead (and the /r/btcfork Bitcoin spinoff(s)).

  • Edgar Moore Reply

    To earn Bitcoin sign up here now http://freebitco.in/?r=2909705

  • Christop Homenick Reply

    /r/tails comes with PGP and a bitcoin wallet by default

  • Elyssa Schumm Reply

    Looks like it's removed from r/bitcoin

  • Mazie Wyman Reply

    Bitcoin - r/Bitcoin

  • Giuseppe Daniel Reply


  • Alfredo Trantow Reply


  • Janiya Okuneva Reply

    Basically an form of electronic cash. /r/Bitcoin for more details

  • Kathleen Ebert Reply


  • Clovis Stamm Reply

    You need to go meet the people in /r/bitcoin

  • Fabiola Will Reply

    Thats too schwifty for r/bitcoin

  • Maureen Olson Reply

    I'm disappointed to see this so heavily promoted on /r/bitcoin.

  • Susana Homenick Reply

    Sounds like a question for /r/bitcoin !! Or you could sell stuff

  • Devin Zulauf Reply

    It's out there, people were posting it in /r/bitcoin when the hack happened to see if the coins moved. I can't find it doing a search though...

  • Vickie McCullough Reply

    Ouch. I hope this community isn't going to become as toxic as /r/bitcoin.

  • Felipe Turner Reply

    Why is this censored on r\bitcoin ?

  • Barney Kiehn Reply

    Maybe he's a pirate? R Bitcoin

  • Otilia Reichel Reply

    Read the sidebar. Everything you need is in there and in the basics of /r/Bitcoin

  • Allen Hermiston Reply

    A guy from /r/Ethtrader calling Bitcoin an abacus. xD

  • Sarai Borer Reply

    Might be in the wrong sub bud... /r/bitcoin

  • Lucienne Ondricka Reply

    Paging /r/Bitcoin

  • Eleanora Adams Reply

    That's one problem with /r/btc - no link to this subreddit (the only advantage of \r\bitcoin was that it points to here)

  • Elmer Ernser Reply

    has this been posted in r/bitcoin?

  • Stephen Bosco Reply

    I wasn't commenting about r/bitcoin.

  • Kolby Kessler Reply

    Yes. /r/bitcoin is too.

  • Meda O'Reilly Reply


  • Britney Mraz Reply

    Saw u/americanpegasus shitposting about Monero in r/bitcoin. I hope I can buy him a drink someday.

  • Marlee Frami Reply

    Bitcoin is used in /r/darknetmarkets to buy/sell illegal goods/services.

  • Randall Hilll Reply

    Then it's clearly a brigade from /r/bitcoin.

  • Cullen Mohr Reply

    Let's not let this sub go all anti-bitcoin d-bag like /r/Ethereum We owe bitcoin a lot.

  • Joelle Brekke Reply

    Go back to /r/bitcoin, fucktard.

  • Letitia Streich Reply


  • Elbert Stiedemann Reply

    Then why was my comment in the /r/bitcoin version of this topic censored?

  • Malachi Stoltenberg Reply

    /r/bitcoin would be a better place to ask

  • Arjun Kohler Reply

    /r/Bitcoin is this way :)

  • Bonnie Pacocha Reply

    Check out r/bitcoin

  • Frederique Cassin Reply

    I think you're looking for /r/bitcoin or /r/blockchain.

  • Mariana Wisozk Reply

    And yet here you are wasting your time on /r/bitcoin?

  • Nettie Kling Reply

    "Just fuck my shit up" - /r/bitcoin

  • Humberto Lang Reply

    Why did you do it on r\/Bitcoin?

  • Gabe Kemmer Reply

    Wrong sub then. This is /r/wehatecommunists, nothing to do with bitcoin or liberty.

  • Rosemary Kertzmann Reply

    You have 14 comment karma a brand new account and pages and pages of comments bashing Bitcoin in /r/Bitcoin. Whatever your goal is it's an awesome waste of time.

  • Thurman Wiegand Reply

    Honestly this question is better suited for /r/bitcoin

  • Frederick Rosenbaum Reply

    a PSA STAY AWAY FROM R.G. REPACKS they are all infested with bitcoin miners

  • Leila Johns Reply


  • Napoleon Hirthe Reply

    /r/bitcoin : yes /r/pokemongo : no

  • Adele Schinner Reply


  • Kellie Hilll Reply

    You may want to go ask /r/bitcoin, or /r/hardware.

  • Haylee Braun Reply

    /r/bitcoin subber spotted.

  • Kendra Pouros Reply


  • Gwen Greenholt Reply

    Yeah exactly. It's as if we were to hang out all day on /r/bitcoin lol

  • Cleveland Schulist Reply

    Theres a whole sub related to bitcoin ----> /r/bitcoin

  • Lyric Kutch Reply

    /r/btc is more about shilling alts than it is about bitcoin.

  • Olen Borer Reply

    I see you didn't post this in r/Bitcoin.

  • Patrick Koss Reply

    I already posted it to /r/bitcoin but the post was deleted (by mods) I think