One Coin Ponzi Miami Sales 'Seminar' Disrupted by Junseth and DeRose

source: youtube
  • One Coin Ponzi Miami Sales 'Seminar' Disrupted by Junseth and DeRose

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  • Meagan Hodkiewicz Reply


  • Eryn Kub Reply

    Why is Junseth wearing a shirt?

  • Aliza Kerluke Reply

    One of paper equals four of coin.

  • Kariane Goyette Reply

    Onecoin will be doing that

  • Casimir Buckridge Reply

    Turn one: Silencer. Turn two: Millhouse or Coin/Mukla. This is insane in zoo.

  • Kareem Schaden Reply

    How do you know about Onecoin?

  • Kaci Graham Reply

    5$? i can get one for a few strange coin....

  • Lorenzo Greenfelder Reply

    Junseth, didn't you trade ETC though?

  • Norbert Green Reply

    Im not junseth you braindead idiot.

  • Demarco Runolfsdottir Reply

    Get one of those coin belts like Carl over at the laundromat.

  • Beulah Shanahan Reply

    Fourth one only applies is more than 1 coin are fake

  • Garret Bauch Reply

    Turn one coin mind blast Estabilish dominance

  • Amie Brekke Reply

    Seriously Smith and Ericsson are the same. They got most of their PIMs in a game or 2. Flip a coin and just grab one.

  • Grady Beahan Reply

    I had one coin out a totem at rank 2...

  • Wilma Marquardt Reply

    Is unicoin like a onecoin?

  • Adah Hamill Reply

    At least one coin gits the floor(I too watched it 14 times to make sure)

  • Brent Crona Reply

    My coin shop I go to is a little over 3,000 miles away. I wish I knew one I could get to easier.

  • Boyd O'Conner Reply

    or Onecoin.

  • Napoleon Koelpin Reply

    This is /u/junseth

  • Zachary Yundt Reply


  • Berenice Jacobson Reply

    it should have been a presentation of a one euro coin

  • Lenore Bauch Reply

    > The real coin would say "ONE CENT" on the front. No shit?

  • Jose Pacocha Reply

    unless im thinking of some other invisible coin. pretty sure its this one

  • Dena Stoltenberg Reply

    I prefer the mechanical spider over the rune coin one tbh.

  • Shayne Mills Reply

    OneCoin, looking at you!

  • Jamar Schoen Reply

    Roger Speaks on OneCoin.

  • Carli Kulas Reply

    (junseth and I have been doing this a while)

  • Jennings Boyer Reply

    Onecoin is bigger scame

  • Chyna Fay Reply

    Thanks, I was rather lost about OneCoin

  • Sven Dietrich Reply

    what are jstolfis efforts on onecoin?

  • Elnora Hoppe Reply

    Hoping one day I can pull a Roger's closet out of coin packs

  • Ethelyn Macejkovic Reply

    Ripple. Onecoin. Don't care.

  • Nyasia Gibson Reply

    2 exotics from one three of coin.

  • Emory Stroman Reply

    ,ust to be clear. you mean Junseth and Derose

  • Edwin Glover Reply

    You give one of paper against four of coin.

  • Michel Graham Reply

    They can just use onecoin

  • Art Johnson Reply

    File coin, gonna go all in on that one

  • Haven Greenfelder Reply

    No one "uses" onecoin.

  • Columbus Reichel Reply

    What is OneCoin?

  • Raquel Bradtke Reply

    What happens if you buy more than 1 one coin, do you then have two coin?

  • Christy Goyette Reply

    Just change the coin amount to one thats allowed....

  • Justina Sipes Reply

    I don't get all hate for Junseth

  • Columbus Stark Reply

    Do one coin per two 2 strikes

  • Ryleigh Cruickshank Reply

    I can add one rare pepe coin

  • Sadye Heidenreich Reply

    you know about onecoin

  • Conor Wisoky Reply

    It holds one of each type of US coin minted so you can make a complete set.

  • Dejah Wisoky Reply

    the coin is a bit too like that one movie that shall not be named

  • Jessika Harris Reply

    Deep down, we're all Junseth alts.

  • Hilbert Vandervort Reply

    OneCoin for sure. Jk!

  • Rusty Feeney Reply

    It's junseth of course

  • Ubaldo Leannon Reply

    I have one these! It's probably my favorite coin I have. congrats!

  • Orion Anderson Reply

    The hate on Onecoin

  • Lina Dickinson Reply


  • Fredrick Blick Reply

    No. Got one from a coin box but sold it. Only one I've ever held.

  • Roscoe Wintheiser Reply

    You just gave Chris and Junseth a heart attack.

  • Horace Witting Reply

    E-coin = Onecoin

  • Sammie Hintz Reply

    Yes! Finally, someone for junseth and I.

  • Sonny Stark Reply

    Let me guess. One bomb and a coin

  • Kacey Konopelski Reply

    Bitcoin is endless.. time to accept the truth. It is the One Coin. o_O

  • Patience Dicki Reply

    A frog coin purse. The one Naruto has.

  • Abdiel Halvorson Reply


  • Rebeca Lubowitz Reply

    Thank you junseth for making this post.

  • Gerda Wilderman Reply

    Chris and Junseth ?! Did you get a hooker too ?

  • Dan Tromp Reply

    You're a troll. Just like /u/junseth

  • Alda Gusikowski Reply

    God junseth is suchhhhhh a faggot

  • Julio Reilly Reply

    That is definitely junseth. :)

  • Johathan Pacocha Reply

    Junseth's foot?

  • Skye Hagenes Reply

    Never gotten a 50 coin one always 100

  • Lazaro Wolf Reply

    One Penny coin

  • Katlyn Skiles Reply

    When everyone tries to cash out, who is going to get the one coin?

  • Daphney Russel Reply

    I only got one coin but I got a Swelterrier from it. Not too bad!

  • Sarai Erdman Reply

    This is one of my favorites from the post your coin threads.

  • Stanley Bartell Reply

    Onecoin classic.

  • Christy Hettinger Reply

    I don't know who Junseth is...

  • Otis Nitzsche Reply

    Ancient Watcher + Echoing Ooze = two yetis on turn two (or on turn one with the coin)

  • Ladarius Dach Reply

    Onecoin seems legit.

  • Eleanora Howe Reply

    No one buy. BFX coin begin to crash!

  • Albin Halvorson Reply

    Try Onecoin

  • Amari Lind Reply

    That is one beautiful coin!

  • Neoma Jenkins Reply


  • Maggie Pfeffer Reply

    Thats one way to coin it

  • Stephan Schamberger Reply

    How much for one drug? I can give you three of paper and two of coin.

  • Luis Schaefer Reply

    Got one by Coin op in north park

  • Green Glover Reply

    What about Onecoin?

  • Giovani Luettgen Reply

    I see, there isn't just one side on a coin.

  • Verdie Hudson Reply

    OneCoin is a scam.

  • Ashleigh Rau Reply

    What is it an almost one-sided coin?

  • Colby Heaney Reply

    I've gotten a 5000 coin one in a premium pack.

  • Ariane Stroman Reply

    tza or tna, pick one or just flip a coin

  • Josefina Gerlach Reply


  • Kieran Mertz Reply

    There's latin on the one pound coin...

  • Kaleb Hintz Reply

    Junseth, you're hilarious

  • Holden Towne Reply

    I'd drop serious coin on one!

  • Delphine Hagenes Reply

    well, junseth *is* black...

  • Friedrich Ward Reply

    @junseth is a huge fag

  • June Hodkiewicz Reply


  • Bertha Mraz Reply

    Hi Junseth