Web Bot: After bitcoin breaks pennant formation and through $688 it's going to $1,000 Quick!

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  • Web Bot: After bitcoin breaks pennant formation and through $688 it's going to $1,000 Quick!

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  • Ahmed Rogahn Reply

    I've been keeping semi keeping track of his predictions for precious metals and mostly Bitcoin ever since my post about Clif. THe list below are predictions made by him from either twitter, videos or his Altas reports. As you can see most of them are wrong and I kinda stopped keeping track after Sept. His more recent predictions on Bitcoin was that it would not stay in the $700's long. I asked him about his major prediction for July "the 12 days" where shit would hit the fan and nothing happened. He said "the powers that be" create false flags and change the energy or direction of where humanity is going thus also changing his predictions. My critique is that his IM and ST data were wrong in that "12 days" prediction and if those can be off then how reliable is the webbot really... His predictions pre summer for Bitcoin seemed accurate but I didn't really keep track before that. So the question now is are his explanation of how something pans out maybe semi accurate? Because I think it's plausible to say that his timing is usually off. -clif says when bitcoin hits $650 USD silver will take off and Bitcoin will not go below $425 again -once bitcoin passes $999usd it will go to $2000 in a matter of days than it's going to hang around $2000 for a while. Gold and silver will take off at this consolidation point. Than after consolidation bitcoin will go to $14000 mid 2017. -bitcoin will consolidate at $2000 until dec/2016 during this consolidation silver/gold will make a move up. -bitcoin will not go below $680 after july.12 and when it touches $1000 for the first time it will drop to $900 and do this a few times -after bitcoin passes $2200 its emotional value leaves gold and goes off on its own thing -silver rises faster than bitcoin for the next two years 2016-2018 and then bitcoin rises faster after -Ack! LT data still shows silver wanting to be 1 to 1 with gold (2018?)! -Ack! IM data confirms Jan 2016 ALTA! BTC to leave 650s in last week in July! Rising through Aug 18 as 'markets melt (like ice in summer)'! -Ack! ST data shows 'air gaps' 4 Ag begins Aug 10! First 'jump up' in Ag 2be TM 4 'bank runs' in Europe! Street battles ongoing then in EU! -Ack! Future headlines: Bonds BBQ'd by Oct 15! PopWar in Europe goes mobile in November! Rains destroy trains (EU?)! Cable car crashes! -bitcoin up 9% per day in mid Nov -bitcoin going over $1000 by the end of Oct -80808 yuan bitcoin when silver is $700 and gold is $25000 Oct.19 video

  • Delmer Koss Reply

    He's been making a lot less predictions on anything with numbers because I think he knows they are usually off as well and are completely objective unlike most of his other predictions that are subjective. He did say in his twitter recently that he saw silver above $26 in Dec but he also noted that it could very well not happen. 42 mins ago on twitter he tells @TDLAVERGNE that the webbot cannot predict moves down in Bitcoin it only shows size, emotion and moves up. I dunno, he says Bitcoin is going up and when it drops he says he can't see those things, I mean why say it's going up than?

  • Wilfred Kautzer Reply

    Admittedly, webbot is pretty good with things like btc and finance, these are real things that a web crawler would pick up in Internet chatter. Where the inaccuracy comes in is the psychic leaking aspect of it, I call anything related to that total BS.

  • Jaiden Price Reply

    Everybody downvote me! Webbot crawlers DEFINITELY do not exist

  • Anabelle Hodkiewicz Reply

    At this point it's obvious she's already lost..even the WSJ wrote a story about 'why Hillary lost' Has anyone even seen Hilldog since 9/11? We saw her limp body being carried in a building and a body double walking out smiling and waving. Distinct body double Then there was CGI Hillary, fading in and out of the tv screen. This is well documented Her debate is on Monday, I bet she doesn't show. She might skype Her health is an issue, Fox News reported she died and they quickly retracted that claim. I wouldn't be surprised if she really did, she's a liability to her party at this point anyways. I also follow Clif High who whose webbot predicts she'll drop out. Honestly, if she did die, I think it'd be poetic justice sorta. On 9/11 and all. She's got them demons

  • Richard Smith Reply

    whats more crazy is Cliff High's webbot redicted this.

  • Kian Donnelly Reply

    Wasn't there some kinda webbot thing that found the people were felling on edge weeks before it happened. Almost like as a whole we had experienced predictive programming and subconsciously writing about it online

  • Emma Nolan Reply

    MIT has a very strong Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program ([UROP](http://web.mit.edu/urop/)), enabling undergraduates to do research alongside their professors, graduate students, and postdocs. I took advantage of the program to work in the World Wide Web consortium my freshman year, inside the Lab for Computer Science, and developed a constraint language for a [webbot](http://web.mit.edu/manoli/www/webbot/webbot.html) crawler back in 96. I also participated in the MIT EECS [VI-A program](http://vi-a.mit.edu/) (pronounced six-A, for course 6), which allows students to do internships at research labs in industry. This allowed me to spend three summers at [Xerox PARC](https://www.parc.com/) (Palo Alto Research Center), which gave me amazing opportunities. As a sophomore, I worked with Marshall Bern and Nina Amenta on [3D surface reconstruction](https://scholar.google.com/scholar?q=A+new+Voronoi-based+surface+reconstruction+algorithm&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi45P6TlcPNAhVJbT4KHR3qAxwQgQMIHDAA), resulting in a Siggraph paper that now has more than a thousand citations. I also worked on distributed robotics and human motion tracking. MIT also gave me the opportunity to carry out independent research projects in the context of several classes. I worked on [2D curve morphing](http://web.mit.edu/manoli/www/ecimorph/ecimorph.html), [3D morphing](http://web.mit.edu/manoli/www/3dmorph/morph.html), an [interactive robot](http://web.mit.edu/manoli/www/robologo/robologo.html), [character recognition](http://web.mit.edu/manoli/chars/www/chars.html), [stock market prediction](http://web.mit.edu/manoli/invest/www/invest.html), recognizing [musical patterns](http://web.mit.edu/manoli/mood/www/mood.html), and [sketch-based image retrieval](http://web.mit.edu/manoli/imagina/www/imagina.html). These projects were the direct result of a culture that encourages undergraduate research, and the experience gained absolutely gave me a head-start, both in my graduate applications, and in my graduate research projects.

  • Jacques Lehner Reply

    Anybody with a little programming knowledge can write a spider and web scraper to gather a bunch of text. Clif High probably does much. A decent data scientist can use that text to do some natural language processing and show some interesting trends. Clif High may or may not do this - he won't talk about how his program works (RED FLAG). But he probably is doing something, whether or not it is based on any sound NLP algorithms is unknown. But here's where Clif High critically fails....he makes predictions on output from his blackbox program. Even predictions made based on proper NLP analysis need to be falsifiable, recorded, and ideally shown to be statistically correct more often than they should be. Clif High does none of this. He's been making predictions based on his silly webbot program for years (look for his old youtube videos for hilarious examples of how he's both mentally unhinged and wildly incorrect in his predictions nearly *all* the time). Clif High is merely making a very large number of wild predictions of varying specificity, and people are latching on to the few that are ostensibly correct. He's taking advantage of events like the halving that have the potential to dramatically change the price of BTC to make these recent big predictions. Everything about this guy screams fraud.

  • Vella Kunde Reply

    I can tell you several prophecies which were predicted in detail and have come true. Many aren't reported so unless you follow things like that (and it doesn't sound like you take it seriously enough to, but I'm sure you google whatever comes your way) you wouldn't even know about it. During the time the data streams were strong, webbot predicted several events with a timeframe of a 40-70 day window. I'll stick to webbot because it at least relies on computers, math and an aggregation system you can lay your fault squarely on so as to not get into an embattlement of metaphysics with you. But I feel quite sure you'll denounce any kind of proof I give you on your premise that there is no viable proof to be had. A perfect tautology.

  • Juliet Gutkowski Reply


  • Verlie Kuvalis Reply

    Someone should give you an award for "usage of most ists/isms in one post". To be fair, what you just wrote is just as crazy as what the kulm guy writes, just from a different perspective. So there's that... Anyway, as I've said before, I'm still not convinced the Kulm account isn't some sort of webbot that's broken loose from its creator and it just strings together bits and phrases it found on the internet, like /r/subredditsimulator. So no, not censoring or banning him doesn't make everyone here *literally* Nazis, as you contend. He's a goofball. Let him rant. It's the collapse subreddit. You're gonna get some of that, and he's not being abusive.

  • Eula Mosciski Reply

    The hit counter has been commented: <!--webbot bot="HitCounter" u-custom i-image="2" i-resetvalue="1286951" PREVIEW="<strong>[Hit Counter]</strong>" i-digits="0" startspan --><img alt="Hit Counter" src="../_vti_bin/fpcount.exe/C:/Users/Keith%20Lipman/Documents/_WEB/napop/?Page=NAP2010NEW/mainsiteposter.htm|Image=2"><!--webbot bot="HitCounter" endspan i-checksum="2037" --> Is this website really hosted on Keith Lipman's computer? Who is Keith Lipman?

  • Queen Hamill Reply

    In my opinion the next $10 in either direction is going to be the deciding point to watch. If we can get above $660 and hold for 12 hours or more...thats the confirmation to the upside. If we go below $640 and hold for 12 hours or more.....thats the confirmation to the downside. Typically pennant breakouts move in the direction of the previous large move, which in this case was to the upside, so if I had to lay my ten cent bet....it would be that we continue the upside move one the price confirmation has been made. As a side note, it is interesting that the webbot made a prediction that bitcoin moves higher once we past July 12th.

  • Lenna Rolfson Reply

    **Author**: _magnusbit777_ **Content**: >the webbot hits on bitcoin have been pretty spot on lately it'll be interesting to see what happens next tues. >Past predictions hits -bitcoin will top $425 3 times before taking off -Bitcoin will slice through the $500's -Chinese flock to Bitcoin >Future predictions -Bitcoin will begin to take off July.12th moving from a solid $688 to $1000. -when it touches $1000 for the first time it will drop down to $900 -When it slices through $1000, the trip to $2000 will be talked about regarding how fast it went.

  • Mae Jacobson Reply

    You were very pro-Webbot in that thread and then got defensive when I asked for his results. "Queue all the posts discrediting these extremely accurate predictions he has been making lately. Not saying to blindly follow the guy but if you don't have any better way to make predictions this precise, then don't act like you can criticize it and do better." You use the words 'extremely accurate' and 'precise' to describe his predictions. Just wondering if you are just as confident in cliff as you were last month. I was also curious if you trade based on his predictions?

  • Godfrey Franecki Reply

    I'm a bot, *bleep*, *bloop*. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: - [/r/bitcoin] [Are Clif High's webbot predictions correct?](https://np.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/4shusb/are_clif_highs_webbot_predictions_correct/) [](#footer)*^(If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads.) ^\([Info](/r/TotesMessenger) ^/ ^[Contact](/message/compose?to=/r/TotesMessenger))* [](#bot)

  • Toney Nikolaus Reply

    I built that site . But I kept hitting people on the parkway. I figured it was unsafe so I stopped and a webbot took control and was posting Jibberish to the forum. . I left it up so I could research the web bot , but a few weeks ago godaddy shut my db down because it was >1 gig and that was no Bueno for everyone else on my server . I could share the code if you are interested in getting it back up and running. Php and MySQL . It was called trafficfriendzy

  • Elwyn Williamson Reply

    > webbot predicted several events with a timeframe of a 40-70 day window. You're talking about something completely different now. Using data to predict events is, by definition, **not** prophecy. If you have any examples of **prophecy** - that is specific, unambiguous, about things that could not be easily predicted - then by all means, please share.

  • Ida Goldner Reply

    Check out Webbot. His info is aligning with other info I gather from sites like zerohedge and other financial pages. The word is, silver, gold, and bitcoin are going to begin a move to 800+ by the 3rd week of august, and by january, bitcoin could be sitting above $10,000/coin. This short term selling is an attempt by the manipulators to get fools to sell their coins out of fear.

  • Alessandro Dare Reply

    this one blew my damn mind, rearranged my view of the past/present/future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fmj3wzg4Ag his web bot reports are pretty great too: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=clif+high+webbot i learn a lot just by listening to him talk. he knows a *lot* and is not afraid to speak it.

  • Aric Okuneva Reply

    holy shit, i had a phase where I listened to a lot of podcasts where he talked, mostly about the webbot stuff. Never saw a pic of him, this is so surreal

  • Evelyn Feest Reply

    How come webbot opinion is more trusted here than that of astrologist? What about priests? Do we trust priests?

  • Mina Hilpert Reply

    The webbot data indicates big movements happening between July 12th and July 28th.

  • Myron Orn Reply

    Ack is to differentiate his post regarding the webbot from his regular tweet post.

  • Kristopher Labadie Reply

    How'd that $1000 prediction for the end of July working out for Webbot? Lol

  • Jackeline Moore Reply

    Sure looks like that Clif High dork and his webbot were spot on!

  • Haskell Hermann Reply

    Webbot says 2K EOY. 14K summer 17. I'm starting to believe.

  • Marina Lind Reply

    Makes me wonder how the NSA's webbot would compare.

  • Antonietta Gislason Reply

    And how do I access this webbot?