Who here is in it for the long hodl?

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  • This video has exploded in the last hour. Thanks CW for making the keyword "Satoshi Nakamoto" a bit more popular
  • Gramatik - Satoshi Nakamoto MUSIC VIDEO (feat. Adrian Lau & ProbCause)
  • A Community-Inspired Music Video for "Satoshi Nakamoto". Happy Easter!
  • [FRESH]Gramatik - Satoshi Nakamoto feat. Adrian Lau, ProbCause
  • This is a Tune my friend, Welcome to the XXI Century :)
  • Who here is in it for the long hodl?
  • we might have a potential anthem

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  • Jamison Heller Reply


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  • Annie Emard Reply

    lol, shitcoiner spotted. Check [this](http://woobull.com/data-visualisation-118-coins-plotted-over-time-this-is-why-hodl-alt-coin-indexes-dont-work/) out before scamming yourself.

  • Reinhold Leannon Reply

    That's because most alts are shit-tokens that have little value. http://woobull.com/data-visualisation-118-coins-plotted-over-time-this-is-why-hodl-alt-coin-indexes-dont-work/

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  • Megane Hickle Reply

    And people say $10,000 per coin is insane. It's not. The price per coin is arbitrary. If it had been programmed for 2.1 million coins we'd be at $6,000 per coin right now. $10 billion market cap is too low. Buy and hodl.

  • Charlie Grady Reply


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  • Thaddeus Johnston Reply

    I always wonder if the people who blither on about bit-coin's "economic majority" understand that those words simply don't apply to people who hodl bit-coins and never spend them.

  • Nikita Ondricka Reply

    Man don't get me wrong I hodl to be rich. If this was some world peace coin or acted like doge coin I wouldn't be around.

  • Jamil Wehner Reply

    Hodl some coin and you'll easily be able to afford running a full node.

  • Gayle Halvorson Reply


  • Easton Von Reply

    TL;DR - HODL

  • Emerald Krajcik Reply


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  • Ashley Kuhlman Reply

    buy & hodl

  • Alejandrin Okuneva Reply

    #Always Hodl ®

  • Wendy Orn Reply

    HODL on boys!!

  • Kareem Carroll Reply


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  • Toy Hickle Reply

    Buy and hodl.

  • Humberto Glover Reply

    People pretty quickly stopped seeing it as anything but another get rich quick scheme. The hodl jokes stopped being jokes. And then once the vast majority of people were in it just for the money the coin started falling. And so those who were in it just for the money were no longer interested anymore. And that was the end of it. Even though there was some maneuvering during the downslide, it doesn't really amount to anything worth noting. It just operated like any other pump-and-dump IPO coin.

  • German Hammes Reply

    Hodl the mayo

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  • Nathen Collins Reply

    I don't see anything "innovative" in Dash. Its anonymity is basically relied on Maxwell's CoinJoin transactions which can be performed within Bitcoin system. The reasons holding its price is because 1) the hodl sentiment among community; 2) "instamine" emission curve which produce significant amount of coins in early days and reduced to tiny amounts later days; 3) the "masternode" scheme which encourage require nodes to own some coin in order to earn more coins.

  • Cleveland Becker Reply


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  • Rosie Schmitt Reply

    600 = 2 x 300 HODL!

  • Roger Conn Reply

    Buy and HODL

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  • Shany Erdman Reply

    Let me take a stab at it. Bitcoin is not a traditional money where the value of money is more or less fixed. Imagine only 1000 bitcoins (100 billion satoshis) are available for transactions and the rest are kept in cold storage. What would happen? The value of each coin would go so high that each satoshi would be much more valuable. The transactions people perform would be more or less same value but with fewer satoshis. So, hodl happily.

  • Antonetta Medhurst Reply


  • Larry Renner Reply

    hodlors don't trade, but miners must sell new coin to pay electricity and to cover capital expenditures. I feel like a broken record about this but almost a million new coins come on the market each month from mining. Someone has to buy those coins... so when volume declines in ETH, so does the price. Miners gunna sell, hodlors gunna hodl.

  • Anjali Grant Reply

    make sure you own as many xmr as btc units, then hodl both. (total coin supply is and will remain about the same for both) as market cap moves from btc to xmr or back, you are safe.

  • Lane Cronin Reply

    True hodl'ers go margin-long this coin, using this coin as collateral.

  • Esmeralda Sipes Reply

    I didn't short ETH. I just got out. I'll probably just let my ETC sit there. I got so much so cheap, but I could afford to lose it all I guess, so I'll watch and HODL. I do actively plan on promoting VButerin as time to go though. Too many mistakes. I'd wish you good luck on ETH, but my position requires that I sincerely wish it to fail at this point. Fresh start with fresh coin, fresh leadership team is what I am hoping for. Maybe :) I can dream :)

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  • Soledad Paucek Reply

    You don't understand miners at all. How did you invent this coin? You're clueless. Miners need to pay bills. They cannot wait 12 months to pay bills. There are currently 194 more profitable coins than yours IF YOU PAID TODAY. But since you pay in 12 months it is even more insane to try and offer gpu mining. Have you found ONE gpu miner that is willing to switch to HOdl knowing that you pay blocks out in one year?

  • Oceane Borer Reply

    >Does this surprise anyone else? Not really. Bitcoin might crash and vanish, it may have another pump, it may stabilize at $450. There's just no way to tell when your digital currency doesn't follow fundamentals due to participant ignorance of economics and ideological drive to hodl. Wait until the halvening doesn't pump the coin. I think you'll see a slow decline to nothing.

  • Triston Leuschke Reply

    Why would a GPU miner mine HOdl instead of a top 10 coin like ETH that is mineable by GPU? I own GPU rigs. I would not consider mining something like HOdl. I mine HOdl on them with my cpu rather while I mine for ETH with the GPU. If I was going to try a different coin it wouldn't be to mine HOdl with my gpu. There are a lot of other coins I'd mine first. Miners dont want to wait 12 months to get paid on blocks mined.

  • Linda Carroll Reply

    I go with HODL - Hold On (for) Dear Life

  • Bertha Kub Reply

    What other cryptos do you hodl?

  • Susie Aufderhar Reply

    hodl all day, hodl all night

  • Rhea Labadie Reply

    Have u heard of HODL?

  • Bertrand Ferry Reply

    Buy more and hodl!

  • Tavares Jacobs Reply

    Stop watching the price, if you believe lisk will succeed then the day-to-day price swings don't matter. You want the pain to stop, so selling sounds like a good option to make the pain go away. My suggestion: hodl! Come back in six months then you can feel depressed if the price isn't good. Now is too early to call which way lisk is gonna go IMO, the coin is very new.

  • Charles Crooks Reply

    I always imagine that in 10 years the price actually barely changes and constantly fluctuates between $200 and $700. People will still be saying "HODL" waiting for the day that Bitcoin becomes $100k per coin... 2026: Bitcoin just dropped from $900 to $700!!! Well I'm still HODLING from 2013 and I will continue to do so!!!

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  • Timothy Prohaska Reply

    I highly doubt bitfury would be holding out if they were offering $1,500 per coin. They were probably offering above market prices seeing as each $1 shift represents $25,000. The implication seems to be they weren't offering enough. Glad to hear BitFury is optimistic. I know I am. Hodl.

  • Gerry Mante Reply

    The key thing to understand is that you never use a paper wallet more than once. Either HODL the 'coin or redeem it, but after redemption, the paper wallet should be considered null and void, thus be disposed of.

  • Sherman Fahey Reply

    fuck 'em and hodl

  • Gerhard Breitenberg Reply

    Nice to see another one paid in BTC! Well done! Nah I don't hodl too much from what I earn now, life is quite hard but I don't complain. I hodl more those BTC that I was mining in early days. I still have ones "untouched", brand new, virgins :) May The Coin Be With You!

  • Gunner Schaefer Reply

    **Author**: _dudeneedstoilet_ **Content**: >Alright, I know I'm supposed to hodl but I was wondering just in case, I'm using coin base right now, could I just send them to my circle account to cash out, would that work or how should Ido it?

  • June Halvorson Reply

    I felt weird not having any coin the last 2 months, but I just bought 2.5 btc on circle two hours ago and I feel better now. Now to keep buying more and hodl like I used to. If people like me who have been out but have almost always been in come back like I did....moon.

  • Domenica Kub Reply

    News may as well be a trailing indicator. I say flip a coin to choose a coin, and if it pumps, roll a pair of dice to decide how many hours you'll wait to sell. Or just hodl and be in a perpetual manic state.

  • Madeline Schmeler Reply

    yes. hodl

  • Emie Macejkovic Reply

    BTT >GPU miners need to pay for electricity. >There are 194 other coins GPU miners would prefer to mine other than this one. >The ONLY value to HOdl is that it is a CPU mined coin. If you make it GPU mined it will have no value at all.

  • Felix Price Reply


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  • Madaline Hermiston Reply

    Sold x from 535 at 740 today. Took profits and purchased three coins; 2013 Casascius Silver 1 .5 and .1 Cold storage and physical coin. Sitting with a dozen in play but hodl until this runs back up in the next week... hopefully...

  • Kenyatta Lang Reply

    I hear your logic and stuff, but I am willing to pay 0.1BTC (hey, you don't expect a butter to part with his HODL-coin, right?) to anyone who'll put a worm-drive or a centrifuge up their ass on their trip to the Best Korea.

  • Hunter Dach Reply


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  • Sonya Ledner Reply

    You've just argued against yourself. For PoS to be profitable for holders, they need to sell their coin. If they hodl everything, they can't be displaced, but they earn nothing...

  • Stanton Terry Reply

    I'm not sure Dogecoiners ideas about how to increase the value of the coin is really that different than how any other cryptocoiners think. HODL!

  • Callie O'Conner Reply

    The hodl is strong with this one. /Maybe someone is going to try to coin the next hodl though of course it's far too early for exactly the same thing.

  • Erik Bergstrom Reply


  • Madie Cassin Reply

    Yes HODL

  • Grayce Feest Reply

    please HODL

  • Lenny Deckow Reply

    Whatever you do, hodl the coin. Never sell. There will be moments where you think you absolutely must sell. Do nut sell.

  • Maeve Wyman Reply


  • Ewell Spinka Reply

    We hodl our shibe's coin Amazing coin much crypto We go to the moon

  • Frankie Marvin Reply

    HODL ON!

  • Morgan Runte Reply


  • Thad Ernser Reply

    Much hodl. such coin. wow

  • Urban Quigley Reply


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  • Fae Jacobson Reply